Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Spring Break 2010 Post #3

I might get these spring break post all posted before summer rolls around.. Today we start with Day 2 of our Easter Vacation to Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburge TN. if you Missed Day1 you can read and view pictures Here and here.
Day two was Saturday the day after Good Friday.
Nice and early while the sun was still coming up and everyone was still sleeping Mr Man woke me up asking me where the camera was.. I thought the boy had lost his mind but he had peeked out the window and saw ducks in the pool and wanted a picture of it

The sun coming up..
Ducks in the pool is pretty funny seeing how the river is right behind the hotel guess they like the heated water over the ice cold mountain water

That morning afte breakfast we headed to the Piegon Forge city park for the kids Easter games and egg hunt Also Princess was picked up by a Knoxville team to pitch for them for a one day tournament which was being held at the same park.

At 10:30AM it was time for the Easter Egg hunt.. I didn't get pics of this because I video taped it.. I'll post those video clips later but here is Sweet Pea waiting for her group to start
Little Man waiting for his group to start
Mr Man waiting for his group to start. While we were there someone came around and handed us a invite to another easter egg hunt later that afternoon over at The Track(which is go carts, putt putt, kiddie ride sort of place) So I asked the kids if they wanted to do that also they said yes.
But first we had to go watch Princess's 1st softball game of the day.. This is where I'll end this post and start back up with Princess's softball on the next post.
Here are the video clips of the kids and there Easter Egg hunts.
Little Man's age group got to go 1st

Followed by Sweet Pea's age group.

and the last group to go Mr Man's age group.

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