Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Spring Break 2010 post 9(Thursday 13 style)

Easter Sunday 2010 After finding Easter Baskets, after going to church, after the photo shoot, after our wonderful Easter Dinner, after feeding the ducks and hitting some stores and doing some walking.. AND after spending hours at the pool.. That Evening we hit THE TRACK.. We road go karts. Little Man rode some kiddie rides, and we putt putted.. For Putt Putt the friends Princess meet at the pool that afternoon joined us.. So she putt putted right behind us with there group.. while the younger 3, DH and I were in the group in front.. Here are the pictures from Easter Evening.
1) Little Man driving a go kart.

2) still little Man 3)Princess on the go karts
4) Me and Sweet Pea rounding a curve Mr Man is right behind us.5) here he comes, Mr Man rounding the curve6) DH, Mr Man, Princess, & Sweet Pea waiting while Little Man rode some rides.
7) Little Man on the train.8) another shot of this.
9) Little Man putt putting
10) Princess and the group of friends she was with11) DH helping Little Man
12) Princess and group
13) Mr Man and Sweet Pea

And that is how we ended our wonderful Easter of 2010

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