Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Spring Break 2010 post #7 (Easter Morning)

Easter morning after breakfast and before church finding there Easter Baskets.. Princess tends to think she is too old for this, but her 4 year old brother thinks she isn't :-)

Easter bunny hid the baskets outside this year since there really wasn't anyplace in the hotel room to hid them.
Starting to look at there loot

Princess and myself still while getting dressed for church
stopping by the stream for pictures before heading to church
Little Man picking me pretty flowers ;-)
My Babies Easter 2010

Princess 14 years old
Sweet Pea 8 years old

Little Man 4 years 10 months old
Mr Man 10 years old

First Baptist Church of Gatlinburg this is where we went to church this Easter Sunday.

after church sitting in the church parking lot waiting for the long line of cars to go though so we could back out :)

still in the church parking lot
And this is where I'll end this post and we will pick up with Easter afternoon and Easter dinner in the next Spring Break post.. If you have missed any you can view day 1 Here and Here, Day 2 Here, here here and Here... and Easter was day 3.. that will get ya all caught up.

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Your kids are adorable!