Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spring Break 2010 post #1

I know I'm way behind, what's new right?? Anyways here is the 1st post of our Spring Break 2010 We went to Piegon Forge and Gatlinburg TN over Easter..We spent about 5 hours of the 1st day at the pool while DH slept.. He couldn't fall asleep Thursday evening so when we left at 3AM on Friday morning he only had about 1 1/2 hours of sleep.. So the kids and I left him in the room sleeping after driving 8 hours and we went to hang out at the pools.
Princess and Sweet pea above and Little Man below

Mr Man and Little Man below
The Girls again

The boys on the slide

Princess and Little man

after swimming while we were getting dressed for dinner this is what Little Man did all that swimming must have wore him out.

Sweet Pea doing head stands on the bed waiting for us to head out to dinner
The views from our Hotel room

Sweet Pea on the balcony
Princess and Myself getting dressed yes she is the taller one LOL
Me and my girls.
Another view shot before heading out.

We left the hotel room and headed out to Gatlinburg for dinner and walking the town.. But I'll shows pics of that in my next post..

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Melissa said...

Beautiful pictures!! Cant wait to see the rest of your spring break. We have a timeshare in pigeon forge- so we are there every July for a week. We love it!