Thursday, April 01, 2010

13 things I have to get done today
1)laundry.. I have about 3 more loads to do
2) get kitchen, dinning room, living room and bathroom clean I do not want to come home to a house that is so out of order as mine is right now.. the bedrooms being a mess at this point I can deal with.
3) go shopping for Easter basket stuff.. Easter is Sunday and we leave tonight so I MUST get that stuff together.
4) Mr Man and Sweet Pea needs bathing suits there's from last year doesn't fit anymore.
5) I need a pair of flip flops or sandals mine from last year broke and I don't think winter-ish looking clogs are going to cut it with shorts..
6) get all our Church cloths for Easter pressed and packed(yeah I know they won't stay pressed after packing)
7) pack EVERYTHING... i should have started this already but I have not packed one tiny thing yet for anyone.
8) Go to my IL's and pick up there SUV.. we are taking that in fear that my van will die along the way.
9) Get Little Man's Easter pants hemmed up.. Well taken down really we hemmed them earlier in the week only made them a tad too short.. so now we need to make them a bit longer..
10) OOPES.. almost forgot this one again.. I need to take Easter Cookies into Sweet Pea's Class before 12:30pm today for there Easter party.
11) Would be the normal everyday thing of pick Little Man up from school at 11:30pm fix him lunch, pick Princess up from school at 2:30pm and pick the other two up at 3:15pm get them home and feed them dinner
12) load up the SUV.. OH my goodness that should be fun(NOT) there is hardly any room in this thing.. I'm grateful about being able to use it, but even though parked next to my van it is the same size inside seems so small, no leg room for people in the back and no storage.. and we need to not only load our cloths and bathroom stuff, but also our church clothing for Easter, all the Easter Basket stuff AND.. a few camping chairs and Princesses Ball stuff for the softball tournament on Saturday. I have NO IDEA whatsoever how we are going to fit all that stuff into this thing.
13) try to get a few hours sleep and then leave to Gatlinburg in the wee hours on Friday morning..
So those are the things I'll be doing today.. Happy Thursday Y'all..

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