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Weekend Recap (3/26-28/10)

It has been awhile since I have done a Weekend Recap post.. My weekends have been just as busy as ever but so have my weeks so I never find the time to blog about them.. This morning I have a few minutes so I thought why not.
Friday March 26, 2010
Wasn't anything major going on Friday.. DH worked weird hours for overtime So he woke up at 3pm and left for work at 3:30pm so I didn't see him again until he got home at 2am and passed out. As for me and the kids.. After school Princess went over to my grandparents house since they have been complaining she never spends time over there anymore. While she was there I packed up the other 3 kids, feed them dinner and drove them out to my parents house where they were spending the night since Princess had a J.O. Volleyball tournament in the morning.

I got back into town around 7pm picked up Princess and her friend CC.(who was spending the night with us on Friday) We hit the walmart before heading home got some junk to munch and then went home. They played on the computer while I showered and got ready for a movie night in. Then we bought out all the junk food and started New Moon.. It was like a old fashion slumber party.. LOL just me and the girls.. It was fun.. until some 16 year old high school boy crashed the party.. Then I jumped back into mom mode and was thinking WHAT ON EARTH is this Sophomore in High School stopping by to visit with my 14 year old 8th grade daughter... but was just happy he was now able to drive a car and wanted to show off a bit... OH MY GOODNESS DRIVE A CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so not ready for my baby girl to be growing up..~sigh~ He wanted to meet me also so he did, he seems like a really nice kid.. but I still had to tell him NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (wanted to yell ARE YOU CRAZY!!!!!) when he asked me at 10pm if he could take Princess out driving around till 11pm.. "I promise I'll have them(both Princess and CC)back by 11pm, I have to be home early tonight because I have to work in the morning so we will be back on time" UMMMMMM Maybe if she was 16 years.. but sorry kid not at 14.. and even at 16 years old I don't think I'm going to be feeling way to comfy with teenagers who are new at driving driving my children around.. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO not ready for this growing up stuff... Anyways.. the kid hung out here a bit and then had to leave.. we finished up the movie and went to bed... early day in the morning..
Saturday March 27, 2010

we got up at 6am and left the house a bit after 7am took CC home,then DH, Princess and I headed off about an hour away to go to Princess volleyball tournament... ONLY when we got there at 8am none of her team was there... and all the teams that were there looked so little.. turns out that we had the wrong day.. all her tournament so far has been on Saturdays WELL not this one.. it was a Sunday tournament OOPES!!!!! the 12U teams were playing on Saturday
So I drove home called my mom to let her know I could come and get the kids. There was an Easter egg hunt at 10am in my moms town which she planned to take them too.. I told mom I was going to rush and try to get there to watch also.. She didn't hear the word TRY in there so she got it in her head I would be there in time to go with them.. I didn't make it I didn't get to my moms house till 10am I thought she would have the kids at the park ready to go.. but she wasn't watching the time and was planning on just jumping into my van when I got there and riding with me to the park.. Needless to say we rushed to the park but it was already ending when we got there at 10:04am (short Easter egg hunt that started right on time) ~sigh~ I had two sad children.. mom made up for it by giving them some of the Easter candy she had planned to give them on Easter that helped.. After spending some time at my parents.. I ended up leaving with only my two oldest, the two youngest was going to stay the night again.
after leaving there.. Mr Man, Princess and I went shopping(DH was tired from only getting 3 hours of sleep the night before so he was pretty much gone till around 5pm) got Princess two tops for spring/summer, Mr Man got two tops and a pair of dress pants he needed for Easter. then we ate lunch and headed home. Here is Princess modleing one of her new tops.

Around 4pm I passed out for about an hour when DH woke me up he had wanted to go pick up a few things so out we went again.. ONLY this time Princess stayed home waiting for her friend MM to pick her up to take her to a youth group outing, where she would be from 6:30pm till 9pm There was going to be a concert(some young band that won some sort of contest I don't know) and also games and such so it was going to be a fun evening for the teens.. Here is a picture Princess took with her cell of Her and MM with a few of the band members.
While she did that, DH, Mr Man and I went out to buy the tile for my kitchen floor.. I picked what I wanted out a while ago but was just waiting for the money and the time to go out and get it.. ONLY when we got there Saturday night.. the title was on SALE!!!! this is a good thing.. the Bad thing was they were all out of the tile I wanted in the shade I wanted.. They had it darker and lighter but not the tone I wanted :-( I was a little bummed.. But the sales guy gave me a rain check on it, he said he would be getting more in but didn't know when.. but my rain check is good till the 4th of July so they should have it by then.. But this means no new kitchen floor over spring break.. but I'll be saving a good chunk of money on it now :-)
That was pretty much how I spent my Saturday beside coming home showing and going to bed due to the fact that we had to start Sunday just as early since we messed up the volleyball thing.

Sunday March 28,2010
DH and the kids didn't go to the tournament since it was a Sunday.. Just Princess and I went.. I left the house at 7am went and picked up Princess and her friend SF who she spent the night with(also one of the v-ball teammates) and we took off once again to the tournament.. were we spent 10 hours.. Princess's team is a 14U team but they were playing up a year in a 15U tournament all the teams there were a year older then there team.. Yet we walked away winning it all taking 1st in gold.. way to go team.
In others new on Sunday DH, Mr Man, Mr man's friend JW and JW's dad and little brother all went out Sunday evening to watch a WWE wresteling thing.. they all enjoyed that .
More Sunday news.. in Awana's that evening it was inside out/upside down night so the kids got to dress all crazy like.. fun fun.. it was also awards night and they all got there badges and pins and such.. BUT Sweet Pea won clubber of the month again... Way to go Sweet Pea..
We got home Sunday night and I was ready to crash.. got the kids to bed and that was all I had in me to do..
That was my weekend.. hope you all had a good weekend also.

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