Thursday, March 04, 2010

Thursday 13 (13 things from this week)

1) my kitchen floor is in need of new title.. so on Monday DH and I went out and started looking around to see what is out there and what I like. Think we will be laying a new kitchen floor, and fixing the back pouch roof with our income tax refund.
2) while out i got a little bit of fun sort of shopping done, well fun for me but it was stuff the kids and I needed.. Princess got a few new shirts and pants and a dress, Mr Man and Little man both got two shirts and they were matching.. I know I need help.. but I love when I can find a size 18 for Mr Man and a size 4/5 for Little Man and they match.. Love it.. and For sweet Pea she got a dress and two shirts.. finding cloths for that child is really a pain so I was happy she was willing to wear the stuff we found.
3) Tuesday was snack day for Little Man at preschool he wanted to take popcorn so that is what we did.. I stayed up Monday night filling 24 ziplock bags with popcorn..
4) Tuesday was also spring Picture day at the elementary school So before Mr Man and Sweet pea took off I snapped these pictures of them. 5) While loading the pictures I took into the computer, I found that Princess too has been playing with the camera her self.. here are a few pictures I found on the camera of her, which I didn't take.
LOL no Princess's name is not Shay.. this was a picture shout out she was giving to one of her friends.
6) raising a teenager can get a little tricky.. God has blessed me with a great Girl.. She makes raising her sort of easy.. She is a good student.. she doesn't get in any trouble.. and she is just a joy to be around.. but even the good ones still come with there teenage drama.. and there is drama going on at school and it leave me wondering if I even have a clue what I'm doing raising a teenager.. Thankfully.. God is in control and will guide me as a mother and help me each step of the way. Pray for me and Princess.
and in other Prayer request..
7)While growing up in the small town I did and going to the church I went to there was a family there who was like family to me.. There was an older couple there who I called Grandma and Grandpa C.. and there Son and his wife I called Mom and Dad(there daughter was my best friend) Our Pastor was married to this couples daughter(and there daughters were also my BFF's) and at one point in my teenage years two of this couples grandsons were sort of like my boyfriends but that is neither here or there.. the biggest relationship came from knowing them though my best friends and at church.. Grandma C. past away back in the summer of 1994 before I was even married. But Grandpa C. just past away this week, his funeral is going to be Saturday.. Please keep his family in your prayers..
8) And while we are making a prayer list.. another family I knew growing up and were friends with the children.. The mother who isn't really old early to mid 50's I would say.. ended up with some breathing problems and throwing up blood over this past weekend.. Ended up having the family all fly in and was put on life support. They put her into an induced comma and last I heard there was signs of improvement.. so we need to continue to pray for her and her recovery and her family.
9) I do not remember if I mentioned it or not here but I'm going to become an aunt again.. TO TWINS!!!!!, I found out this week that last week there was a little scare there wasn't alot of movement and they got worried so went in and they couldn't find twin A's(which is my nephew, twin B is my niece)heartbeat.. Thankfully after some moving around and looking for it, they found it.. I had that scare once while PG with Sweet Pea.. It was so so very scary not being able to find that heartbeat but the tears of joy that floods over you when they do find the heartbeat.. But sadly I also know what it is like when at the end they tell you we are sorry but there is no heartbeat and the baby didn't make it.. I love these two little babies with all my heart already.. and I pray that they continue to grow and be born completely healthy..
10) Bible Study.. Tonight I'm starting a new bible study I'll let you all know how that goes.. I'm looking forward to it..
11)This weekend Princess has her 3rd volleyball tournament of the year another bright and early weekend for me.. having to leave the house before 6am.. blah I don't do early mornings well.
12) Also this weekend Sweet Pea has her very 1st fastpitch softball game.. not a tournament just a scrimmage.. but it will be her travels team 1st time playing together(they have been practicing)and her very first time to play fastpitch.
13) Other stuff we are looking forward to for the weekend is Awana.. they are having all green day Sunday night.. the kids are trying to figure out there outfits.. Sweet Pea only has 20 more pages to finish up her book for the year and has been working really hard at learning all her verses she has it stuck in her mind that she wants to do all 20 of them this week.. I don't know if they will let her do that seeing how other kids will need to say there verses also.. but we will see.

Well there ya have it 13 things that have been going on or on my mind this week.

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