Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday 13(short video clips from Nov 09- Feb 10)

While going though my camera I found a ton of short video clips I don't think I have posted over here yet.. So today for my Thursday 13.. I give you video clips from Nov. 15, 09 till Feb 20,10

1)Nov 2009 Mr Man's 10 birthday party

2)Trip to see Santa at the Mall Dec,2009

3) The kids got to open there Beatles Rock Band early before Christmas.. this was the very 1st go at it once we got it set up.. Little Man my rock star :-)

4) On New Years Eve while the younger kids were in TX at my sisters Princess had a NYE Party..

5)In January Little Man had his mother goose day at school.. He did Little Jack Hornor..

6)January 18, 2010 Princess had her 14th birthday but I lost the video of her blowing out the candles think it got deleted off the camera before making it to the computer :-(

7)January 29, 2010 Sweet Pea turned 8

before blowing out her candles.. well before the party started my sister called and she opened her gift from Aunt Pam..

8)a few short clips of the party that night.

9)Feb 13 & 14, 2010 was Princess 1st J.O.Volleyball tournament of the year.. here is a short video clip of one of her serves on the 14th.. We took 3rd place in this tournament.

10) How Princess kept herself busy between games on the 14th.

11)Princess isn't my only one who knows how to dance in a circle sort of cheer group.
here is Sweet Pea after the mini cheerleaders cheered for the boys varsity basketball game on 2/19/10

12)Princess had her 2nd J.O. volleyball tournament on Feb 20,10 here are two clips of that.

13)Here are the last two clips from that tournament. We ended up winning this whole tournament returning home as the 1st place champs.

So there are all the short video clips that I haven't found the time to blog..
Happy Thursday Ya'll.

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