Monday, April 19, 2010

One day it might happen.

Really it might happen.. One day I might just get back into the swing of thing and start blogging like I use to. In the mean time I'll give ya all a quick update
Over Easter we went on Vacation to Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg and Princess got picked up by a team out of Knoxville who was looking for a pitcher to play in a fastpitch tournament the Saturday of Easter. She pitched 4 full games that weekend and 2 of those games she pitched No Hitters.... WOW she was on a roll... I do plan to share a ton of pictures from that trip with you over the next few days.
The weekend after Easter Princess played in another one of her J.O. Volleyball tournament.. Did I mention she made a national/American team this year so the play is alot harder and stronger then we saw last year.. She has one more tournament and then the regional tournament left for J.O. and then it will be over right in time for the travel softball to start there busy season.
This past weekend the boys spent the night with my parents and the girls, DH and I packed up the van headed 3 1/2 hours south and both girls played in there 1st of the season fastpitch tournament with there travel teams. Princess is now playing on a 14U team and Sweet Pea is now 8 years old playing on a 10U team. I'll be blogging more about this weekend with pictures later also..
Besides sports.. the kids are also busy with state testing at school this week.. learning the last of there Awana's verses Sunday is there last Awana's class for the year.. and working on there Awana's derby cars the derby is on May 2nd..

In other news I'm not sure if I have mentioned it here or not but ever since Sweet Pea had mono last year it seems that clothing hurts her.. she says things that are way to big and hanging on her are too tight and everything just bugs her, hurt her and makes her cry when she has to wear them.. After a year of crying everyday about this we are now working with a doctor to try to figure it out.. They did a ton of blood work and found that her Epstein-Barr numbers are till really high.. not high enough to call mono but still really high.. Not sure if this is what the trouble is or not I tend to think it goes hand and hand but her doctor doesn't agree with me. He thinks it is just a coincidences that this started happening at the same time as the Mono.. we are at a waiting point with this as her doctor is trying to help us find another doctor who might be able to help us with this... In any case Please keep Sweet Pea in your prayers.. the poor thing is in pain from her cloths.. and it breaks my heart because there is nothing I can do to help her.

Little Man will be turning 5 years old here in a month or so.. WOW 5 years old.. We got him all signed up for Pre-K for the upcoming fall.. He will be going 4 days a week.. that is going to seem weird seeing how his 4 year old preschool was only a 2 day program.. My baby is growing up..

This is where I'll end for the updates tonight because I'm subbing at one of the elementary schools tomorrow and I'm not in the swing of things getting all 4 kids off to school and myself dressed to work.. So I need to wake up a bit earlier.. Night all.

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