Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Roof, Broken Hip, and Birthday Parties OH MY!!

New Roof, Broken Hip, Birthday Parties, Sick Kid.. OH MY!!

That was my weekend.. I don't have the time to do a real weekend recap.. or to do it the way I would want to.. but this is all stuff worth sharing.. even If it is just tossed together in this post.Friday my dad came over and we started the roof project.. got it all stripped and part of the way on..Friday night spent the bigger part of the night in the ER with Princess who has fractured her right hip bone. Did this weight lifting for high school volleyball.. the ER doc placed her on bed rest and pain meds and now I have to call the bone doctor in the morning.. to see how bad this is and what we do next.
Friday was also Little Man's 5th birthday my baby boy is 5..

Saturday morning we finished up the roofing project, scraped the paint on the back porch and got it primed.. Then cleaned up the house and Saturday evening had Little Man's family birthday party..

A few pics from the party.. I'll get all of the party stuff up sometime soon.

Sunday we went to church, came home and panted the front of the back porch and got the gutter hung back up.. BUT After church this morning Mr Man started running 102 fever and complaining about his sore throat... not good news for him... poor thing.. But this is AWFUL News for Sweet Pea... Please Please keep them in your prayer, Mr Man to get better and Sweet Pea that she won't pick up one tiny bit of this where it could create antibodies which could attack her brain again...(if your have no idea what I'm talking about with Sweet Pea check out my other blog HERE)

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palmtreefanatic said...

will be praying for sweet pea and the sickies in the household!
loved the cake and my how he looks more and more like a man! wow!
busy weekend for you!

Becky Steele said...

You have a beautiful family! You helped one another in your roofing project, and everybody enjoyed it. I hope your roof is still in good shape up to now, so it will not bother you anymore. And speaking of good shape, I hope sweet pea is doing well now :)
{Becky Steele}