Friday, May 14, 2010

Spring Break 2010 post #6

Still on Day 2 of our spring vacation.. This will be the last post of what we did on Day 2.. Picking up where we left off, we are still at Princess's softball tournament waiting for game 3 and game 4.. When not watching there sister play ball the younger 3 kids enjoyed time at the park.

Game 3 Princess pitched another no hitter, this one they won LOL unlike the 1st game which was a no hitter and yet they lost.

Steeling home.... under the tag.... safe!!!!

back playing in the dirt

She was on fire this game.. and it even got her sister and brothers excited..

here is Sweet Pea and Mr Man making signs and holding them up as they cheered for Princess

Game 4 she only gave up 1 hit.. but we lost and was out of the tournament after that.

We ended up taking 4th place in this tournament.. This is the team she played for.. They needed a picture to do this tournament because there pictures are freshmen and can't play yet because they are playing for there school team.. They picked up two Pitchers but Princess ended up pitching every inning of every game.

softball didn't end until close to 8pm at which time we got dinner went back to the hotel went swimming for an hour or so got the kids bathed and the younger two in bed while Mr Man and DH went out to see the Titanic
It wasn't open then didn't open till April 8th but Mr Man is a big Titanic fan so he wanted some pictures of it all lite up..
DH promised Mr Man that he would get him back down there once it was open.. and over mothers day weekend got to keep that promise to him.. I'll post about that sometime after I get these spring break post done.
Well there we have it how we spent day 2 of our Spring Break Easter Vacation..
you can get caught up with Day one Here and Here , and Day two Here, Here and Here.

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