Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Spring Break 2010 Post #8(Easter Afternoon)

up a little way into the mountain, we took a little drive after church, the boys changed into shorts and Sweet Pea changed into her sundress so we could take a few more pictures.. Though not a one of them were too thrilled with mommy and her camera craziness.

Easter Sunday April 4,2010

My handsome hubby.
I could take this girls picture all day long if she let me..

at the sign.. The traditional Smoky Mountain picture
after my little photo shoot.. we headed over to the Old Mill for our Easter Dinner..

My little family Easter 2010
Princess's food

after dinner outside the Old Mill
feeding ducks and birds
after feeding ducks and walking Pigeon Forge for a bit we headed back to the hotel and went swimming for hours.. here is Aubrie and a few of her new friends she meet at the pool.

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