Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Little Man's birthday Party(Weekend Recap part 2 May 11, 2008)

Sunday May 11, 2008 besides being Mothers Day was also Little Man's 3rd birthday party.
We started out the day getting up early and making the beds and vacuuming and doing a little dusting(nothing like waiting till the last minute to clean for company) Then we ate breakfast and got dressed for church. Right as we were walking out the door I got a phone call, normally on a Sunday I would have just let it ring and went on my way to church, but with my Grandpa in the hospital(you can read about that Here) I went back into the house to take the call. Good thing I did, It was my dad telling me what had happened and that he was on his way to the hospital and He needed to drop the kids off at my house. I knew there was no way of making it to church given the time it would take for them to get the kids to me.. So we changed out of our church cloths and waited.. Not knowing what we were going to do about Little Man's party if we should cancel it or still have it, all the plans for the day were just up in the air. The Plans we did have for the day was Sunday school, church then right after church going out to eat with my mom and dad, my grandma and grandpa and my uncle, for a Mothers day lunch. Then later in the afternoon having all of the family members I just mentioned plus DH's side of the family over to our house for Little Man's birthday.. So there we sat, waiting and worried about grandpa. When Dad got to our house with the kids, mom said she was staying at our house and not going to the hospital and since I was worried about grandpa I left her with DH and the kids and I went with my dad to see Grandpa in ICU. Grandpa told me NOT to change Little Man's party well I was more ordered by grandpa Not to mess up that boys party because of him. Grandma wasn't wanting to leave Grandpa at the time so we knew we weren't going to the big family mothers day lunch, but after Dad and I left the hospital around 12:30pm, we went back to my house and got mom, DH and the kids and we all still went out for a nice Mothers Day lunch. I did take a few pictures of that but they are part of the pictures that I mentioned HERE.
When we got back from lunch Little Man went down for a nap and so did my dad. DH and I picked up the few things I had forgot on Friday while at the store and then came home and decorated the place for the party. At 4pm everyone started to show up and Grandma even left the hospital to make it.. So Little Man had his party

Here he is opening some gifts.
Then after a while we had cake
The Birthday Boy(well his real birthday is Wednesday May 14, 2008)
Happy Birthday Dear Little Man Happy Birthday too you

Here is slide show of the party.

That is how we ended our weekend and how Little Man celebrated his 3rd birthday, which will be tomorrow and we will have more gifts and cake for him from our little family of six.

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Kristi said...

Noah's 3rd birthday was Thomas land also. He was all over it. For some reason, Aaron didn't get much into it when he was three, I think it's because Noah had already moved on to Spider Man. It looks like we're facing "Speed racer" theme come this July.

Courtney said...

He is so cute. Your mom is quite talented, that cake is amazing!

DidiLyn said...

Worried for your Grampa. Happy birthday to Little Man. The cake was almost as cute as he is.
Praying for your Grampa...

Heather said...

Hope that your Grandpa will be okay. Happy Birthday Little MAN!! I cannot believe our babies are full blown toddlers now!

Again, your mom's cake talents amaze me. Another great job. They look so Big! Does she layer the cakes, or does she have a deep pan?
Hope he has a great birthday!!

palmtreefanatic said...

wow! glad he was still able to have the party! Happy Birthday to him!!!
I pray your grandpa is doing better!

looks like a fun time! That cake is amazing! I love how she added the veggie tales and Bob the builder on it!

Fantastagirl said...

That cake is awesome! Looks like everyone had a fun time!

Pinay Jade said...

Hmmm the cake looks so cool and yummy! Happy Birthday to the little man!

And I wish Grandpa will get better soon.

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By the way I will be going on a blog leave See you when I get back!


Elaine A. said...

That THomas cake is so AWESOME! Sorry to hear about your Grandpa but glad you were still able to have the party.

Jen said...

I love the cake and I love all the pictures and the video to document! Fantastic! It looks like he had a great day.

I hope Grandpa is better soon though :(

Sheila said...

He is such a beautiful little guy!
His baby pics are so adorable too. My grandson also had a Thomas birthday for his 3rd birthday. I loved all the pictures and slide shows!