Saturday, May 24, 2008

Baseball, Concerts, & Art Shows, OH MY!!

This past Tuesday night was such a crazy night..
When I looked at the white board calender here is what it said.

4pm to 6pm Princess softball scrimmage
5pm Sweet Pea's t-ball practices
5:30pm Mr Man's season opener baseball game
7pm Mr Man's and Sweet Pea's art show at the school
7pm Princess's spring concert at her school.

How is that for a full night of activities.
Princess couldn't do the softball and the concert there was just no way for her to be dress and at the school by the time she needed to be and play ball so that was out.. but the rest of the stuff we could handle I'm sure.
So by 4:30pm everyone was dress and had ate dinner and by 4:40pm DH was out the door with Mr Man because he had to be at the park by 5pm and I was out the door with Sweet Pea so she could be at t-ball on the other side of town by 5pm. Little Man was still with my mom and Princess had went to my Grandpa's house so he could drop her off at the school on time.
Over at Mr Man's ball game, I missed opening ceremonies.. but I guess Mr Man was on of the boys who got to raise the flag for the national anthem to be song and his name was announced on the big loud speaker so all 5 fields could hear it. He thought that was very cool.. I got there just as they were starting the game.. It was a good game.. Mr Man had 4 hits.. got a single every time he was up to bat. He played 3rd base and was catcher the last inning.

Back over at Sweet Pea's t-ball fields.. we get there, we unload the van of her ball stuff, we walk to the field, I'm getting her glove out of her bag, when I hear. "Mommy I have to poop"(sorry TMI) I ask the questions all moms ask when your not close to a bathroom "can you hold it, can you wait till t-ball?" "no mommy I need to go now, I need to go bad" So we drop our stuff and I rush her off to the bathroom there at the ball park.. ONLY to find they are locked, they only unlock them on game days...
So we rush back over to our stuff pick it up load the van back up and off we head towards home.. Normally this isn't a long trip but with our road being closed It takes me just over 5 minutes to get back home.. This is 5:10pm, I was pulling Sweet Pea out of t-ball by 5:30pm so I could watch Mr Man's game.. Sweet Pea takes forever in the bathroom and it's 5:20 or a bit after when she come out.. So I skipped out of t-ball there was just no point in heading back over there.. So off we went to Mr Man's game.
6:45 rolled around and the game was still going on, but I had to run.. At this point my parents and Little Man was at the game also and so I took off with them to Princess's school concert, leaving Sweet Pea and Mr Man in there daddies care at the game.
Princess concert was nice.. I took a 3 minute video of them singing but it won't load to blogger, Photobucket said it was too large, and after 3 hours of youtube telling me it was loading and yet nothing happening I gave up and deleted it off my mom's camera memory card. but here are a few pictures.
While I was at the concert and after the baseball game, DH took Sweet pea and Mr Man to there art show at school. Before I left the game, I gave DH my cell phone and told him to use it to get a few pictures of the kids at the art show.. but when I got home and looked at the cell phone he didn't take any.. He said he didn't hear me say to take picture, he thought I said, "here take my cell phone" UGH.. men!!!! LOL.. so there are no pictures of this years art show.
but there ya have it Baseball, Concerts and Art Shows Oh my!!!

You all have a wonderful weekend.. I'm gone again this weekend and using that new post in the future thing where I can pick a day and time for this to post without me being there.. Lets hope it works :)
I'll be back Monday, if not I'll chat with ya all on Tuesday.. Have a great weekend.

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marky said...

So goes the busy season with kids! My calendar closely resembles yours, only with soccer/skating LOL!
Enjoy your holiday!

Mel's World said...

Ah yes...we have had many of those type of nights...good thing you all are having so much fun with it!!! What a blessing to be parents!

annie said...

Those hubs never listen... lol...

Have a great weekend!

The Healthy Mom said...

Sounds like you are keeping busy! Two out of the three of my kids are too young to be involved in baseball and such, but soon enough I will be just as busy as you are chasing after my kids.

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Cascia @ Healthy Moms

Heather said...

What a crazy day! Our week luckliy was something each day instead of all in one. Good that you were able to get it all in, with the exception of miss sweet pea.

Courtney said...

Definitely a busy day. Gotta love guys listening skills!