Monday, May 12, 2008

Weekend Recap Part 1(May 9-11,2008)

My Weekend Recap for this week is going to be in a few different part. Why, well because I"m tired and I don't want to spent an hour typing out a post.. yeah I get lazy like that from time to time.
Friday was a very emotional day with Grandpa being placed into ICU(read about that HERE) other then that.. I also did laundry and with my dryer being broken that is a long process of washing cloths then heading to Grandma's house to dry them.. ONLY with Grandma dealing with Grandpa's hospital stuff I didn't want to say hey can I go to your house to use your dryer.. So I thought I would try to hang the towels outside to dry.. They did dry but it took about 10 hours LOL. When I saw Grandpa was doing a little better I went to grandmas and dried the rest of the cloths.
My parent came over my house about 8:30PM and picked up my boys, my dad was taking them to his barber for hair cuts on Saturday morning. Princess had softball practise till 8pm and at 8:30pm I was taking her over to her friend J's house to spend the night, and after dropping her off I went back to my grandma's house to get my cloths out of her dryer and bring them home. It was just DH, Sweet Pea and myself.. and it was 9pm but we loaded up the van and headed out to the town next to ours which has two 24 hour super stores.. where we bought some stuff for Little Man's birthday party and picked up his birthday gifts. Got home about 11pm and got some taco bell and went to bed.
Saturday morning after hearing they moved Grandpa out of ICU.. Grandma said she would still take Sweet Pea to the birthday party she was to go to that afternoon.. that was the game plan before Grandpa ended up in the hospital, DH and I would take Princess to Toledo for her game, mom and dad would have the boys, and Grandma and Grandpa was going to take Sweet Pea to the birthday party and pick her up when it was over.. I thought after Grandpa went into the hospital that I would just stay home let DH go with Princess and I would be Sweet Pea's taxi.. but grandma said no, Grandpa wanted to rest and sent her home so she would still take Sweet Pea to the party and pick her up, then my mom and dad would come and stay with the kids till we made it home. so that is what we did.
The boys got there hair cut, Sweet Pea went to her friends A.V.'s birthday party and DH, Princess and I went to her end of season Jr High league tournament for softball..
I did take pictures of this.. but some how they ended up in the main memory of the camera and not the memory card and the only way I know to add them to the computer is with the memory card So I can't even share any of these with you.. But we ended up 3rd or 4th I'm not 100% sure
The 1st game was a great game, Princess pitched the 1st 5 innings and we won the game 7 to 6.. yeah very close game. The 2nd game they started the game with a different pitcher.. She only pitched 1 1/2 innings and gave up 11 runs in that time. Then they pulled her in the 2nd inning and put Princess back in When Princess came it the score was 11-0 others team favor. WE didn't win.. but Princess did well only giving up 2 runs in the last 5 1/2 innings We lost that game 13-10.. Since it was a single elimination tournament we were out of it.. We got back home about 9pm and my Parents asked the older 3 kids to spend the night with them.. So that is what they did.. and I was home with DH and Little Man.

Sunday was a very full, exciting and long day.. and Today Monday I spent the day on a field trip with Mr Man.. but this is where I'll end this and pick up later with pictures of Sunday and Monday..

Good night all.

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