Thursday, May 15, 2008

Little Man's 3rd birthday(the last of the celebration.)

If you have been reading my blog at all this week you know that Little Man turned 3 years old this week.. May 14 was his birthday, but we had his party on Sunday May 11. You can read about that and view the pictures HERE.
On his birthday he also had his 3 year check up and you can view that HERE
But after all the craziness of his check up and running all over town to the kids schools and Princess's orthodontist appointment that day.. We did manage to have a little celebration for him with the 6 of us on his birthday..

DH had to work over so he didn't get home until 6:something PM At that point we ordered Pizza for dinner, and Little Man opened his gifts.

and Yes, yes it is Christmas wrapping paper you see there, LOL.. This is due to me thinking I had a roll of birthday paper, Then finding out I didn't. Waiting till the last minute when Little Man was sleeping and it was just me and him at home to wrap his gifts made it sort of hard to run out and get birthday paper.. So Christmas it was. As you can tell he didn't seem to mind on tiny bit.

After he opened gifts he gave everyone a hug and said thank you, and I went to pick up the pizza

When I got back I found the kids playing with all the new gifts.. This was what it looked like in my house.

After Pizza we had Happy Birth cake. No, no that is not a typo.. We had Happy Birth Cake, not Happy Birthday Cake.. What is Happy Birth cake you ask.. Well here have a look.

See, Happy Birth Cake. After Sundays party we had a 1/2 of cake left over and I couldn't see making another cake just for the 6 of us.. Though on Sunday when I made up my mind to save the left over cake for his real birthday.. the cake did say Happy Birthday.. but some how between Sunday and Wednesday someone ate enough cake that the day was gone. So we had Happy Birth Cake.
This time around Little Man did not try to grab the flame, but he was being a little goof also, and wouldn't smile.. I take that back.. he would smile really big until I snapped the camera.. and with this cheap camera it has a 3 second delay
but that really wasn't the problem.. Little man would see the red light that comes on when I'm about to take a picture and he would stop smiling, once the flash went off and it took the picture he would LOL and start to smile again..
He almost forgot to stop smiling in this shot.. silly boy..
Oh and someone asked me if my mom layered the cake or just had a deep dish cake pan.. She layers them with thick icing in between them.
While eating the cake and ice cream we opened one of his gifts which was the Disney Cars DVD and had a movie night.. and then everyone went to bed..
This is how my Little Man spent his 3rd birthday.

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Kristi said...

That is one huge cake. It looks like he had a great "Birth". I did notice the Christmas wrapping and I have to laugh because I have reused many "wrong" holiday wrapping in the past. My family just laughs about it now.

Fifi said...

What a beautiful cake! Did I read right....... your mom made it!!!! WOW!
Happy Birthday Little Man!!!

Jen said...

HOW FUN and that cake is HUGE! It looks delicious! And birth cake. . . it's perfect! It's celebrating his "birth" day right? LOVE IT!

Sheila said...

When I am out of birthday wrapping paper I just turn the christmas wrap to the white side and make designs on it with marker. Happy Birthday Little Man!