Monday, May 05, 2008

Weekend Recap (May 2-4, 2008)

Weekend Recap for the 1st weekend of May 2008. The above photo I took on Sunday May 4, 2008 while at Princess's softball tournament which was right next to a big air force base.

I had a interesting, but fun weekend, I was sick for alot of it but with the way the weather worked out I got time to rest also.

Friday morning I woke up and it was already mid 60's and sunny, so I let the kids wear shorts to school. ONLY about 30 minutes after they left the temps dropped down into the 50's and it started to rain and rain and rain and rain.. and pretty much rained all day long. I felt bad for having my kids in shorts.. Highlights from Friday was in the early afternoon I heard a big crash and Little Man was off in a different room, so I yelled out for him thinking he had did something.. Only he was in the family room and the crash came from the girls bedroom or at least it sounded like that.. So off I went to there room to see if a cat had knocked something over.. ONLY nothing was out of place(SNORT LOL LOL.. Ok that is a lie everything is out of place there room is a mess and needs clean before Little Man's birthday party) There was nothing that would have made that big crashing sound.. So I walked back and was going to let the crash go, when I looked out my back window. We live on a corner of our road and a little side street, our dive way is on the side street and next to our garage we have a 150 pound or more cement block we keep it at the corner of our garage to keep drunk drivers(or anyone driving wildly) from thinking our driveway is the road and running into the back of the house where the bedrooms are. So imagine my surprise when I see said block pushed really close to our house, broken in spots and mostly out in the middle of the road and not in our drive way... True we have had many people bump it and move it over the years we have lived here but NO ONE has ever moved the thing the whole way across our driveway and out into the road. ONLY NO ONE was around.. I"m sure they had to have done major damage to there car, van , truck whatever they hit it with.. but they hit and left.. I didn't know who to call, I knew there was no way I could move it, and It was out in the road so It needed to be moved.. So I called the cops.. Long story short.. after the 1st cop came and tried to push it he called for him.. So if you were to have passed my place around noon Friday you would have saw 4 cop cars all with there lights on.. It took 4 of them to roll the thing 4 times to get it off the road and into my drive way... Then the 1st cop knocked on my door and said "well the 4 of us got it off the road, my sympathy to your DH while He tries to move it back to where it belongs" HUH???? I call you for your help and you roll the thing into my driveway where I can't back my van out and then grant my husband sympathy for when he gets home and has to move it???????? OK whatever.. I called DH and told him about it.. and hour later he called me back.. not sure if he called anyone about it.. but he told me to look out the window and let him know if anyone came to move it, when I looked out the window someone had moved it back to where it belonged.. My MIL told me when she passed my place Friday afternoon a city worker was parked out by the driveway with its yellow lights on.. So I think they are the ones who moved it.

So that was Friday afternoon.. You all read the Friday afternoon face painting story already right?? If not you can view it HERE. In that post I mentioned I was doing laundry.. My 2nd to last load when I went to take them out of the drier were still wet.. I didn't think much of it because it was towels and I figured they just needed more time.. ONLY I was running out of time.. the kids cloths were in the washer and needed dried before my parents came to pick the younger 3 up to go spend the weekend with them.. so I pulled the towels out and placed the kids cloths in.. and hour went back I went to check on them and they were still soak.. I tried to turn the drier back on it made a funny buzzing sound and they just died...... NO NO NO... not a good time to die, as if there is ever a good time for your drier to die on you.. but my parents were going to be here in an hour and the cloths I needed to pack for the kids were still wet.. So I loaded up the two loads of wet cloths, and the kids and off to my grandparents I went.. Called my mom told her I would be there with the kids and called grandma to see if I could use her drier..
about 3 hours later I had clean dry cloths, Princess was going to stay at grandma's and spend the night and the younger 3 were off with my parents for the weekend. I went home and DH and I went on a date. a late day like dinner at 8pm sort of date LOL.. but we had a nice dinner and then went and picked up stuff for a picnic lunch at the ball park for Saturday..

You see The game plan was to pick up Princess and leave early Saturday morning to head 3 hours south west of here for a weekend fastpitch tournament... Here 1st game was to be at 1pm
but at 6am we were told there was a 4 hour delay due to the rain.. Then at 9:30am we got word that there was more of a delay and we would find out when we were going to play by 5pm
So around 10:30am we left our town and took the trip down to the hotel..
about 12 miles from where we were playing is the college my sister went to school too. Princess had never been there so on our way to the hotel we stopped let her see the campus and the softball field. After leaving there as we were driving down the road this huge plane came over our heads.. I knew there must have been a base some place around there I just didn't know how close we were going to come to the base or how big a base it was.
After getting to the hotel.. We went swimming and spent some time in the sauna and hot tub.. but I wasn't feeling well.. I started feeling sick Friday night but thought I was just tired not sick.. but by this time I knew I was sick.. So I just sat around the pool while Princess hung out with friends. We had the 10U team, 11U team, the 12U team(her team) and the 14U team all at the hotel waiting to find out when they would play there games. Here are some pictures from that time.

After swimming we went and had dinner at CiCi's and then found out our games were not going to be played till 1:20 PM on Sunday.. UGH UGH UGH.. but what should have been a 3 game then single elimination tournament turned into a 2 game tournament with the two teams with the best record moving on to play for the championship game.

After we found this out we thought we would go drive out to the field to see how wet they were and if they would even be playable on Sunday. When we got there we found the fields looked great not messed up at all.. and that they were right next to the air force base.. so being the goof I am I needed to take a few pictures to show my boys. When we got back to the room around 8:30pm I went to bed and stayed there the rest of the night.. DH and Princess went back down to the pool where she meet up with her teammates and went swimming till the pool closed, then they ordered pizza(the teams not DH and Princess we had just had pizza LOL) and Princess hung out with all the girls eating pizza and watching Major League (remember that movie I use to love it, it was there 1st time seeing it and they loved it also) She got back to the room about midnight and went to bed.

Sunday morning we all meet up for breakfast in the hotel and then packed up checked out and headed to the ball park. here are a few of the air force base pictures I took while there.. All the while kept thinking how cool the boys would have thought this was. Here is one of the planes coming in for a landing..

This week the new standings for the fastpitch tournament teams came out and Princess's team was rated #1 again.. They were all excited about that.. But this weeks tournament we were playing in the 14U tournament Our coaches put us there to get some harder competition and they never expected us to even come close to winning seeing how we are only a 12U team. Our girls went in with the attitude of that they were going to take home 1st place in this one too.. AND they came close.. They got 3rd..
Our 1st game wouldn't you know it we had to play our organization 14U team.. Our coaches were worried having to play our own 14U team but the 14U girls thought oh it's just our 12U team.. Well we ended up winning.. beat the 14U team 4 to 1 and put our 14U team out of the tournament.. At the end of the 1st round our team and one other team was the only team without a lose.. all we had to do was win our next game and we would be in the championship.. ONLY we lost 7-6 one point.. and it came down to this.. we had last bats. we had a runner on 2nd and one on 1st and Princess was up.. ball one, ball two, OH NO..... the pitcher hit her right in the arm.. while she was trying to jump out of the way she turned and it slammed right into her pitching arm... OUCH OUCH OUCH.. she has a nice little bruise and is sore this morning.. but this had us with bases loaded and two outs.. talk about putting pressure on the poor girl up to bat next.. she it a pop fly to 3rd base.. and the game ended a sad lose for us and placed us in 3rd.
Even without the win the girls had a fun weekend.. here are some of the pictures.

After the game we headed to my mom's house to pick up the kids.. I started feeling really sick again, head spinning, body hurting.. all that fun stuff so I climbed into the back of the van and slept the whole way home.. we picked up the kids and got home and everyone in bed by 9am and I went to sleep at 9:30pm..
And that is how we spent our weekend. How was your weekend??

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Fantastagirl said...

Your weekend was very busy! Looks like the girls had a great time - I got my meme done!

Tanja said...

I'm feeling sick and my head is spinning just from reading about your busy weekend. :-) Love the pictures.

Lisa said...

After just reading about your weekend, I need a nap!
I love the pics--your girls look so happy :)

palmtreefanatic said...

wow! Can I breathe now???

you need to relax a bit;)
great shots!

Fee said...

No wonder you fell asleep early..... you ahd one busy weekend! Even though they came third... I can see they had a blast! I love Princess' bathing suit.

Our weekend was a long weekend..... we had off from Wed-Sun. We totally relaxed and for once pottered around the house and garden. Got alot done though!

Jen said...

Wow, what a fantastic weekend! I LOVE that you re-cap it all for us with pictures and stories. I'm sorry that you started to feel ill towards the end though. That's now fun at all. It's great to see that you are such a great mom and so involved in your kids life :)