Monday, May 12, 2008


I'm back home from the field trip and super tired.. kept falling asleep on the couch though out the night.. But I told you all I would tell you what was going on with my grandpa. (Grandpa is in the back row of this picture right in the center)

Thursday night grandpa wasn't feeling well and by though out Thursday night he was vomiting blood and there was blood in his stool. He and Grandma was going to watch the kids for me Friday morning before school so I could go to the teacher and volunteer breakfast at the elementary school which I was invited too. But at 6am I got a phone call from Grandma that she was up all night with Grandpa who was getting worse so they wouldn't be able to watch the kids. by 7 am I was getting a call from Grandma that she had taken Grandpa to the ER. Grandpa has a bad heart and is on blood thinners for that.. and while in the ER they told him he was bleeding internally but didn't know where.. and by Friday afternoon he had been admitted into ICU. Talk about scary.. I was on the phone with my dad, my mom, my sister and my grandma pretty much all day long trying to get updates on Grandpa.. but even with the amount of time I spent on the phone.. I spent the majority of my day with God. Shedding tears thinking this might be it for grandpa, praying that if it be Gods will that He doesn't take Grandpa home just yet, but if it is His will that God gives me strength to make it though it, Wisdom to help my children deal, and His love and comfort to surround Grandma and my dad and uncle. Friday night was scary because we didn't have a clue what was going on with Grandpa except that he was bleeding and that they didn't know where, and with being on blood thinners for his heart, that this couldn't be a good thing.

Saturday morning They did an upper GI on grandpa.. and found the bleeding. What Grandma had told me was that they found and ulcer on his pancreas and they had did a biopsy on it.. but grandpa was doing better and was moved out of IUC into a normal room.(I found out today that it wasn't a ulcer it was a cyst that they biopsied.. but the bleeding was coming from an ulcer in his stomach)

Sunday morning I got a phone call just as I was leaving for Church, it was my dad. Grandpa was having heart pains and the nitro they gave him wasn't stopping them so dad and mom was coming up this way to go to the hospital.. Since they had my 3 older kids they would be dropping them off to me. So none of us made it to church Sunday.. Instead dad and I went to the hospital to be with grandpa and grandma.. It took about 3 hours but the pain stopped and they didn't know if he had had a heart attack or if the blood just wasn't flowing right due to going off the blood thinners. Last night Grandpa had the same sort of chest pain that lasted a few hours.

This morning He got some results from all the testing and everything he has been going though.
The bleeding has stopped from the ulcer but they were pumping in 3 units of blood from what he has lost
The pain in his chest was not from his heart, I don't know what they told him it was, maybe being brought on from the ulcer.
At this point he is still in ICU.. waiting on the results of the biopsy and waiting to see what comes next.. what sort of treatment or surgery he might need if any.. waiting to see when he can go back on the blood thinners because the longer he is off of them the higher the risk of his heart acting up.. but then if he goes back on them will the ulcer start bleeding again..
Right now it is just a wait and see.. but He is still in ICU and can still use prayers..
Thank you all for your prayers.


Courtney said...

I will definitely keep praying. Please keep us updated. I hope he is at least as comfortable as can be through all of this.

Fantastagirl said...

Please continue to update - I hope he can regain his strength and be able to come home. Sending many good thoughts.