Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Thursday 13 (13 things to do around my house)

Thirteen things I need and or want to do to my house.

1) Put a new roof on the back porch

2) get new carpet in the living room

3) some sort of new flooring in the dinning room and kitchen though i haven't figured out what kind I would like yet..

4) get new wallpaper for the kitchen and finish painting the section that isn't wallpapered and then finish hanging the boarder I started months ago.

5) Paint the girls bedroom

6) get new blinds and valances for the girls room

7) get new bedding for the girls room

8) Paint the T for the university of Tennessee on one wall in the boys room like Mr Man wants done.

9) get new carpet for the boys room.

10) repaint my bedroom

11) get new blinds for my room

12) replace the one strip of wallpaper that Little Man tore a pieces from in the bathroom(that we just redid a year ago)

13) get new drapes for the kitchen and bathroom.

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palmtreefanatic said...

wow! Thats a pretty good sized list! plan to do any of it before the kids are out of school? the end is coming so fast, I am so not ready for school to be out, seems that I have a busy month!
nice list....good luck with it!
Happy TT!

Kelsey Smith said...

I have so much to do I can not even think of just 13 lol

Picturing of Life said...

What a list :D I hope you can manage everything done, soon.

Will you visit mine Thanks

Hootin' Anni said...

I love doing this kinda thing myself. Hope your wishes come true.

My 13 is a gross group of funny advertisements I made up for fun, and using this week's 'gross' theme for T-13. Hope you can stop by.

Darla said...

That sounds a lot like the list of things we want to do to our house... if we ever get back to it. We'll do a few things this summer, but there's not much point in doing a whole lot when we won't be living in it for the next 3 years at least. *sigh*

The New Mrs. Rue said...

looks like you got a lot to do! I hope you have time & energy to do all of that! =) Happy t13!!


Lisa said...

That would take me 13 years!

Good luck with that ;)

Heather said...

That is quite a list. Mine actually looked a lot like that last year and last fall I updated some of the curtains and things. Good luck getting your list accomplished. I am doing my meme you tagged me for today.
Hope you have a great day despite the yucky rain.

Alice Audrey said...

Better get the roof first. It can ruin everything else.

Anonymous said...

That's quite a list!

Midlife Mom said...

You are going to be one busy gal! Just think how nice it will look when all done! :o)

Great WW pictures! Aren't grandparents great?? :o)