Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Weekend Recap(May 23-26,08)

Friday Night Princess had a softball game for her league team, that got over at 8:30pm then my parents took Mr Man, Sweet Pea and Little Man home with them and Princess's friend/team mate from the league team came home with us.
At 4:30AM DH, Princess and MT(the friend) and I woke up packed the van and left to spend the weekend in our state capital for Princess's tournament team softball tournament. She had a 8AM game a 10AM game and a 5PM game on Saturday In between the 10AM and 5PM game we went and watched a 10U game who some of our friends from Toledo's daughter was playing at the same park then we went out to lunch and checked into the hotel. After that Princess ran into a few friends she had played with last year when she was picked up with a Columbus team for a weekend and she hung out with them and then we watched the 1/2 part of there game before she had to be back for warm ups for there 5pm game.After the game we went to down town Columbus because MT had never been to there and we took her around OUS, Then we got a late dinner at the Texas Road house and then took a hike by the river. We got back to our hotel about 10PM showered and went to bed.

Mean time while we were doing that, My parents and younger children packed up there van and went to MI. drove and drove and drove till they got to Mackinac Island spent some time there doing I don't know what because I I wasn't there. Then got a hotel room and stayed the night.. Sunday they woke up and drove to the Sand duns and stayed all day there doing I'm not sure..While they were playing in the sand, I was getting sunburn at the ball field..

We woke up left the hotel at 8:30am got breakfast at Tim Horton's and then went to the fields Where they had a 10AM game which they won so they advanced and had to play at 12:30AM which they lost. That was the end for them Princess 12U tournament team ended up taking 5th place out of 16 teams but they were playing up in the 14U tournament this weekend not in the 12U.. So that wasn't bad at all. In the 10U division.. the Championship game was going to start 30 minutes after Princess game had ended. The two teams playing for the championship was the team our friends daughter plays for, VS the team Aubrie played with last year for a few weekends and she has all the friends on.. So she wanted to watch it.. So we did.. Our friend DD team won and took there championship.

Here is a picture of Princess and her 10U friend.

Then we left and went shopping, had to hit a Mall, princess was in need of some tennis shoes.. ONLY the girl is a brand snob and ONLY wants Pumas and I'm not willing to spend $90 on them and the ones they had on sale at a ton of different stores she didn't like She gave a little and I gave a little and we found a pair she could live with and I could pay a bit more They were $59(I didn't want to go more then $50)So we got her foot measured and tried them on.. 71/2 fit one foot great but was way to tight for the other..(one foot is a whole size bigger then the other UGH) So they needed to get her and 8 ONLY!! wouldn't you know it they didn't have them in a size 8....So after 2 hours at the mall we left with no shoes

After the Mall we went into the town where my parents and IL's live because Mr Man had left his homework at my parents and they weren't planning on going back there before dropping him off. After I got his homework, we went and picked up subs at a local place and went and had dinner over at my MIL's house. Visited a bit then left for home

WE dropped MT off about 9pm and Princess had plans to stay at Grandma's(my grandma's her great grandma) so we dropped her off next. Then DH and I had the house to ourselves.. and like all old people we passed out on the couch SNORT!!!!!

Around 10pm I got a call from my mom who I thought would be in a hotel room because that was the plan anyways.. they changed there mind and thought they would drive the 8 or 9 hours home at night while the kids slept in the van.

Monday morning DH and I did yard work and got 1/2 of the yard weeded and flowers planted and bushes trimmed we still need to do the front yard, but it's not like anyone is seeing that area right now with our front road all closed and being worked on, they have it such a mess out there right now but I think it will look nice when it is done.

Then we went and got the new tires for DH car(did I mention his tire blew up Thursday on his way home from work??) Went grocery shopping, went to the lake and walked the beach and then came home about 7pm

Mom and Dad bought the kids home about 7:30pm and we took a walk about 8pm Then I came home got the kids ready for bed and cooked a late dinner for DH and myself.. (took this picture on our walk)

That is how I spent this long holiday weekend.. can I just say I'm missing the digital camera alot because now I only have the few pictures from my cell phone of our weekend.

Hope you all had a great weekend.

OOPES.. forgot to add that Monday afternoon Princess went shopping with my grandma and got her shoes and my parents took the other 3 to the $1 movies and saw Horton Hears a Who! WOW how could I forget to add that LOL..
Happy Tuesday ya'll


Lisa said...

Gotta love $ movies :)

I do not know how you do those weekends--I'm pretty sure I'd need to be hooked with a IV full of coffee (or Red Bull) to get through just one of your days!

Lisa said...

Gotta love $ movies :)

I do not know how you do those weekends--I'm pretty sure I'd need to be hooked with a IV full of coffee (or Red Bull) to get through just one of your days!

Steph said...

I have been meaning to stop by for quite some time now, Love your blog and thanks for stopping by mine hope to see you back soon.

Midlife Mom said...

I agree with lisa, I don't know how you do those marathon weekends! Maybe it's just that I am old! ha! I know what you mean about the price of sneakers, it's just crazy that they cost that much. At least I can wear mine for years as my feet have stopped growing but with kids they need new ones every year. I don't know if my grandkids have seen the Horton movie yet or not but I've heard that it is good.
Glad Grandma got the shoes! That's what we grammies like to do!!

palmtreefanatic said...

busy busy!
I love the $1 movies!!!
my kids and I enjoyed that one when we seen it here!

marky said...

ours was a bit of a whirlwind too. Softball and $1 movies sounds like a hit in my home!