Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Time Travel Tuesday~ 1st post edition

Time Travel Tuesday is a new fun meme where each Tuesday we take a trip back in time. I didn't play last week, but last Tuesday they traveled back in time to when the blogger was 18 years old. It was fun reading every ones post so this week I thought I would play along.

This week for TTT we are to go back in time to our first blogging post and re post it and tell about how and why we started blogging.

This isn't going to far back for me, still less then a year ago. The reason I started a blog was because my friend dcrmom kept talking about how much she loved blogging and how much fun she was having with it. I checked out her blog and then started clicking on other peoples links and reading along. Then when school ended last year and I got the kids report cards I wanted to share with everyone there grades but knew my RL and cyber friends had to be getting sick of hearing about the kids and there grades. This is what pushed me to start my own blog. I had a need to type out there report cards just the way they were. So I thought I would do it in a blog. When I sat down to type out my 1st post I figured I should give a introduction to the kids, Thought my intro was in my profile so I didn't need to do that but the kids were the reason I started the blog so thought it was fitting I tell the blogging world a bit about them. Then I typed out there report cards and it was long and boring so ended up deleting them after posting them LOL..

I'm just going to link you all to my 1st post(POSTS) I was new to this blogging thing so I split my post up into 4 post(one for each kid)

1st post #1, 1st post #2, 1st post #3, and 1st post #4

So there you have it my Time traveling for this week, all the way back to June 13, 2006 :)

To play in this fun meme, or to read post from others who have, Stop by Annie's blog, the wonderful blogging friend who created this fun meme.


Joyful Days said...

What beautiful children you have!! IRL friends do get a little "over" hearing about the victories though. It is kind of a nice memory book thing too, to keep a record.


annie said...

I enjoy reading your blog too!
It's funny you mentioned a friend encouraged you to blog. I have almost pleaded with my IRL friends to blog, one started and fizzled quickly. I just don't get it. I love blogging and have met the neatest people. I read on a post right after I started blogging that you know you are a blogger when you like your blogger friends more than your IRL friends. I love them all, but I do understand that thought now as I have come to really know and love visiting my blog friends. I'm glad to have met you and become friends with you. Just think, even if we all never meet here, in heaven what a blogger party we will have!


Renee's Ramblings said...

What a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, reading a blog and then click, click, clicking can be addictive, LOL. I did that for awhile before I started my blog. :o)