Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #4

Thursday Thirteen:
This week I thought I would give you 13 reasons I should go shopping.

1) Milk(i have about 1 cup of milk left)

2) sandals for Mr Man

3)tennis shoes for Mr Man

4) new shorts and tops for Mr Man(he has plenty of sports shorts and tee shirts but I would like something a little more on the dressier side he had nice ones last summer but the boy is growing like a weed)

5) Sandals for sweet Pea

6) a new summer church dress or skirt outfit for Princess she has out grown some of hers from last years others still fit nice but one more wouldn't kill her.

7) a pair of shorts or two for me for this summer.. (Mine are about 5 to 7 years old and are starting to look there age. I got really nice Capri's this spring but I wouldn't mind shorts for when it's 80's and 90's out side. )

8) new window treatment for the bathroom

9) new shower decorated of sorts shower curtain for the bathroom

10) new TP holder for the bathroom

11) towel rack for the bathroom (I remolded the bathroom back in March and into April and have yet to buy these things listed)

12) 3 new blinds for the dinning room windows.

13) some sort of firming lotion with a sunless tanner in it.(This past weekend I was wearing carpi's while at Princess softball game, it got really really warm so I ended up rolling the carpi's to just a tad above my knees to stay cooler, ONLY now I am nice and tanned below my knees and really white above them. It looks sort of weird when I'm wearing shorts)


Sherry said...

Very interesting list! And good reasons to shop too :-)
Mine's at

annie said...

yea! love shopping, especially with a purpose!

palmtreefanatic said...

thanks for stopping by! i too need to catch up on my comments! where does the time go??? sigh
ouch to the knee! Hope it heals fast and soon!

lots of reasons to do all kinds of shopping!
the best shower curtains ever are at kmart!!!
great list...i too need to start working on the same type!!!

Scribbit said...

That was so me today, out of everything. It was so bad I was willing to brave the wilds of Costco just to get my goods.