Monday, May 14, 2007

Little Man's 2 year Stats.

Today was not only Little Man's 2nd birthday but he also had his 2 year check up this afternoon. My Little Man truly is a "Little" man. LOL

At his check up today he weighted in at 24 pounds even and was 33 inches tall. They tell me that is the 6% for weight and the 13% for height. Mr Man use to be just a little guy also falling in those low percentiles but Now at 7 years old he is in the 95% so Little Man might not always be little so I'm not worried at all. I'll just sit back and enjoy my little baby(toddler) as long as he wants to stay little.

I mentioned in Little Man's birthday post that he was my biggest baby at birth, but now at 2 years old he is one of the smaller one of my kids..

Just for fun I grabbed everyone baby books to see where they were at 2 years old.. (yes I know dcrmom is LOL right now because I do this all the time and it is sort of become a joke with us that I do)

Princess at birth was 6 lbs 2 1/2 oz and 19 inches long at 1 years old she was 18 1/2 lbs and 28 1/2 inches and at her 2 year check up she was 26 lbs and 35
inches tall. Now at 11 years old she is 83 lbs and 5 foot tall.

Mr Man at birth 6 lbs 2 oz and 20 inches tall. At a year old was 19 lbs and 29 1/2 inches. At two years old was 26 1/2 lbs and 34 inches tall. He turned 7 years old in November and at that time was 70 lbs and 51 inches tall.

Sweet Pea at birth 6 lbs 3 oz and 19 1/2 inches, at 1 years old was 20 lbs and 27 3/4 inches. At 2 years old was 24 lbs even(the same as Little Man) and 32 inches tall(an inch shorter then Little Man) She turned 5 years old at the end of January and was 37 1/2 lbs (34%) and 42 inches tall(40%)

Little Man at birth was 7 lbs 9oz and 21 inches. AT one years old he was 19 lbs 6oz and 29 inches, Then in November when he was 18 months old he was 23 1/2 lbs(15%) and 31 1/2 inches which was 55%(so he use to be thin and tall LOL) Then today at 2 years old he was only 24 lbs(6%) and 33 inches tall(13%)

Now that I board you all with these fact, I'll say goodnight and let you all get back to blogging... :)

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Fifi said...

Hi Kc...... I love the music!I was boogying at the keyboard!
Happy Birthday to your little man in stature(maybe) but "mighty man" in the eyes of God!
My first born was small.... and my friends would often say to me "He is so petite!"(Which would freak me out!!!)At the age of almost 12, he is in proportion to his counterparts! He ain't going to be a basketball player!...... but that's ok!!
So just relax.......breath 2...3.... as Moms,we always stress out when it comes to our kids!