Friday, May 25, 2007

Why Mr Man likes the Comedy Barn.

Last in my Thursday 13 post I showed 13 photos from the Dolly parade in Pigeon Forge TN. In that post I mentioned that the Comedy Barn was one of Mr Man's favorite places to go while In TN and said I would tell you why.. ONLY I never got around to doing that. So I'll take a moment and do that now.
The 1st time we went to the Comedy Barn Mr man was 9 months old.. and that day they just so happened to be filming a TV commercial for there show.
A year of so later we go back to Pigeon Forge and was watching the traveler guide channel they have and The Comedy Barn commercial comes on and they were showing stuff from the show we were at so we stopped and watched it and next thing you know we see this..(right after they showed a pig kissing a guy) They say fun for all ages and then this pops up.
It is DH and Mr Man. DH has Mr Man waving at the camera.. Mr Man was only 9 months old.
They are still showing this even now(Mr Man is now 7 1/2 years old).. This pix was a pix I took of our TV set while in TN over Easter this year.
So Mr Man thinks he is s super star down there in TN because he is on the comedy barn commercial, So he loves the comedy barn.. Back when he was 5 years old we went back to that Theater for a show and DH just mentioned in passing to one of the workers that Mr Man was the baby in there commercial..
So they brought Mr Man up on stage and announced that he was only 9 months old in the add and how old he was now and still coming to the show LOL. That made Mr Man love the place even more.
He also really really LOVED the sock puppet routine one of the guys did and memorized it by heart and can do it just as well as the guy.. only Mr Man's mouth moves LOL..

So there ya have it why Mr Man loves the Comedy Barn.. Plus the kids just thinks it the funniest thing ever.


palmtreefanatic said...

wow! that is so cool to be a celebrity at such a young age!

Melanie said...

What a sweet picture! And to think they are still using it this many years later! What a nice story!!

Doug and Stacey said...

That is so cool!!

Midlife Mom said...

That commercial must really do the trick if they are still using it after all these years! What a hoot! No wonder he feels like a celebrity, I would too! This will be something else for us to go see when we make it to Pigeon Forge. Hope you're having a great Mem. weekend with your family. It's beautiful here, we are really enjoying getting outside and doing yard stuff. I have bought all my plants but don't dare put them in quite yet in case we get a cold front but will get them in next week. Take care!

jdoriot said...

Cool! We live close to Pigeon kids have been to the Comedy Barn but I haven't...they had a blast!