Thursday, May 03, 2007

Day #4 of our Spring Vacation(also a tiny correction to last weeks Thursday thirteen)

Day #4 of our Spring Vacation. April 9 2007 . This day was spent mostly driving in the van from Pigeon Forge TN to Daytona Beach Florida.
We woke up really early again, just like we did when we left home and drove down to TN. We were on the road heading south at 4am we got to Florida around Noon and to our hotel around 1:30/2pm.. THE SUNSHINE STATE as the sign above says was not very sunny it was in the 50's cloudy and raining.. Not exactly what i had in mind for my beach trip, which I had been wanting to take for the last 11 years.
This shot was taken from the Van as we were getting ready to drive from the main land over the bridge to the beach area of Dayton Beach. This was DH and the kids first time ever to Florida and also there first time ever to see an ocean in real life. It sort of bummed all of us out that it was so cold and it was raining. We had only planned to stay on the beach 3 days and this 1st day was a waist as far as sunning and swimming went. And the next day they were only calling for it to be in the high 60's low 70's.. But we made the best of it.
After the long 9 1/2 hour car trip and unloading the van into our hotel room and then eating dinner and waiting for the rain to pass we threw on our jackets and went and played on the beach..
We grabbed the sand buckets and figured even if we couldn't swim who said we couldn't play in the sand. here is a shot of Sweet Pea, the purple bucket was her Easter basket I mentioned in Day #3 post #1 about Easter. Here is Mr Man, he was chasing sea gals in this shot.Here is Princess playing in the sand.. I think she was writing her name in the sand with her feet.. ONLY high tide was moving in and it didn't last very long.As the tide moved in these two just had to go out in the water.. they were pretty much soaked by the time we went into the room for the night. while these two just played in the sand.

Little Man was having a blast. He kept me moving, oh my goodness I was running after him like crazy that first day.. I guess being tied down into a carseat for 9 1/2 hours and then getting left loose can do that to a 22 1/2 month old(that is how old he was then he will be 2 years old May 14) You will see alot of pictures of me running after him if you view my online photo album from this day.. I'll post a link to it here in a minute.

After playing on the beach and bathing all the kids and trying to get all the sand out of there cloths.. We called it an early night everyone was tired from traveling and waking up at 3:30am that morning anyways..

My next post of our Spring Vacation will hopefully come on Friday.

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If you wish to view all the photos from Day #4 our 1st day in Florida you can view them here.

Last week on Thursday I played for the 1st time in the Thursday Thirteen, Click here to view that post. I didn't get around to that this week because I wanted to post this post.. but my DH pointed out to me that I needed to add a State to my list and that is Georgia.. I forgot we had to drive though Georgia to get into Florida.. I guess I wanted to forget it because that would have put my list to 14 not 13 ;) so I thought I would correct that mistake LOL..

Have a wonderful Thursday.


palmtreefanatic said...

loveing those palm trees!
You really got some GREAT shots!!!
Great and fun memories! have a happy thursday!

Midlife Mom said...

Great pictures! There is nothing any better then kids playing on the beach. Too bad it was so cold. We are leaving for Florida tomorrow morning at 8:30 and will be there about 2:30 in the afternoon. That will give us time to at least look around a bit at one of the parks or go for a swim. My grands are really excited to get going, we took T. to get her nails done yesterday and they are soooooo cute, little flowers. I will post them when I get home. Right now I can't post anything else until the organization contest is over as I didn't link it to just that one post like I was supposed to do so if they can't find my post I guess I won't be in the contest. Did that all make sense? Anywho I got a clean sewing room out of the deal and it feels so good!

Midlife Mom said...

Me again. Thanks for the directions on sticky posting my contest post. I'm going to try to do it right now. I printed off the directions you gave me for future reference too.
We leave in the morning so I am pretty much all packed and ready to roll. Just need to buy a People magazine at the airport to read on the way down. I always do that, it has become a tradition.:)