Saturday, April 28, 2007

Spring Vacation Day #3 (part 2 Easter)

It's normally tradition to get the kids picture all together before heading off to church on Easter Sunday, ONLY it wasn't happening yet again this year(last year it didn't happen either) Once again Little Man was not having any part of getting a group shot. We did get a few mess around shots that will work. Here is a shot of Princess posing with her new shades.
Here is one of Mr Man
Sweet Pea posing with her new shades (you know monkey see, monkey do)

We tried to get Little Man to stand on the stairs also but like I said he wanted no part of getting his picture taken.
After baskets and breakfast and doing this photo shoot we went to church.

We are Baptist so we picked a Baptist church that was just down the street from our hotel right there on the parkway in Pigeon Forge. All I could say was "WOW" LOL.. Or in the words of Mr Man "I've never been to a church like this before"

Our church at home is a small conservative church, it doesn't even have a praise band(by choice) We Preach from the KJV and sing the old time hymns

So it was like a shock when the choir started to sing a really contemporary song, no contemporary song wasn't the shock LOL that we have heard and listen to at home from time to time, But when they had 8 ladies all dress in black take center stage and started to dance.. that was a 1st for us to see while at church. Not to mention the floating Jesus they had ascending from behind the choir at the end of there song...

Just wasn't exactly what we had in mind for Easter morning church services.. It was more like what I would except if I was to go to one of the many theaters they have there at Pigeon Forge.. I guess maybe with there church right there on the Parkway that is what they are going for, competing with all the shows..

They did get into preaching which was some what normal. After church we went out for a nice lunch and that is where I'll pick up next time with our Spring Vacation post.

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To see all the pics of the kids before church posing and my attempt at getting a group shot you can view them all here.


palmtreefanatic said...

I see why you need to drag everything out! so much fun you had! nice photos....does this mean your pc is working better now? hopefully or else thanks mom for your help:)

Lu said...

Ha! Ha! I bet the Jesus floating down was a shocker! Gosh! I live in the South and there aren't ANY baptist churches that would do that around here! Ha! Ha! I hope the good weighed out the bad with Easter!