Friday, April 27, 2007

Spring Vacation Day #3 (Part 1 Easter Baskets)

Day #3. I'm up to Day 3 of my post about our Spring Vacation which started on April 6, 2007 and we got home on April 14, 2007. Day 3 I'm breaking up into 3 smaller post instead of one large one because Day #3 was EASTER. So we had to do the normal Easter stuff that meant ALOT of photos taken that day.
We started the morning off Early.. Mr Man and Sweet Pea were the 1st two of the kids up shortly followed by Little Man and then Princess.. Everyone wanting to find there Easter Baskets..
DH woke up when he heard the kids but pretended to stay asleep.. knowing that I don't let the kids find there baskets until everyone is awake.. So the kids all took turns trying to wake daddy up by shaking him, jumping on him and it ended with Mr Man and Princess Pulling him while Little Man and Sweet Pea pushed him off the bed. He and the kids always seem to enjoy this on both Easter and Christmas morning.
We also take turns letting each of the kids find there baskets so we each can enjoy the hunt of each kid. NO I'm not some mean mom who came up with this rule, but it is how the kids want to do it because they all enjoy trying to help each other figure out where the stuff is hid.
This year we started with the youngest and went to the oldest. Trust me the Easter Bunny had his/her work cut out for her/him this year being in a hotel room for Easter. Thankfully we had a townhouse room upstairs/down stairs sort of room so I(oopes I mean the Easter Bunny) had a little more room to work with in hiding the baskets.
The Easter Bunny hid Little Man's basket on the stair case this year under a towel, he is little after all it couldn't be too hard. Here he is with Sweet pea checking out his goodies. The Easter bunny is a smart little fellow, He knew the next day we were loading up the van and heading south down to Florida for a spring break on the beach, So instead of your normal Easter Basket he filled all the goodies into new sand buckets. Then instead of your normal Easter Grass(which I can't stand anyways, it gets everywhere) the bucket was lined with a new Beach towel. Little Man Got a Thomas the Tank towel, a Green bucket and shovel, suntan lotion and a Thomas the tank push along, with sound flash light train. Along with the normal jelly beans, candy and chocolate bunny.
Didn't take him long at all to dig into that candy. Eating it paper and all. LOL Wonderful Easter breakfast don't ya think?

Next up was Sweet Pea, her basket was hid under the stair case surround by a rolled up sleeping bag and pillow where we had been storing the extra pillows and sleeping bags the whole time we were there.. So it took her just a bit of looking before she found her basket.
Sweet Peas Basket was a Purple sand bucket and it came with a shovel also. She also got a pair of Little mermaid sunglasses which she is holding in the pic above, and if you look behind her in that shot along the wall you will also see her giant Little Mermaid coloring book with poster size pages. She too got all the normal candy to fill the bucket. In the photo below you will also see her New Tinker bell beach towel and on the end table next to Sweet Pea is her new can of Tinker bell spray sunscreen.

Next up was our 7 year old Mr Man.. The Easter bunny was a tricky little thing. Knowing that Little Man's basket was under a towel, and Sweet Peas were under pillows and sleeping bags, the Easter bunny went around and put towels over things that wasn't Easter baskets. Such as the bag of dirty laundry and over some extra pillows and over the small ice chest and just things to throw them off. Poor Mr Man went around the room removing all those towels thinking he found his basket only to find dirty socks.. LOL.. Cleaver little Bunny :)
After it taking the poor boy a long time and no luck we started playing hot and cold with him until he found his basket behind the curtains sitting on the windowsill. In the photo above he is walking away from the window checking out the new Force Action Light Saber the Easter bunny got him In this Shot Mr Man is checking out the rest of his loot. He got a Green bucket like Little Mans only it was bigger in size, and the light saber, and a Captain Jack beach towel, and also Pirates of the carbine sunscreen, along with the candy.
The last of our Easter basket hunters was Princess.

After seeing how long it took Mr Man to find his stuff and how Tricky the bunny was, she thought hers was going to be even harder to find.. ONLY That Silly Easter Bunny knew she would think that way so hid her basket right out in the open. That threw her a bit.. But she did find her basket in the basket that is under Little Mans stroller that you see in the photo above. That Photo is of Princess right after finding her basket. Princess got a pinkish orange sand bucket with shovel, and the beach towel she is holding in the photo above, she too got sunscreen, and a new pair of sunglasses and new earrings along with all her candy..

After all the excitement of the Easter Basket We all got dressed for church and went and ate Breakfast in the breakfast room of the hotel.

My next Spring vacation post will be part 2 of day #3 and will be of the kids all dressed up in there Easter cloths.. Maybe I'll get that posted for you all on Saturday or Sunday but I'll have it ready sometime this weekend. So check back then.

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If you are interested in seeing all the pictures of the kids Easter morning looking for there baskest and waking up daddy you can view them here


Adventures In Babywearing said...

I wish I could come to your house for Easter! ; )

I’ve got another photo tag going on, and this time two participants will win a prize package! Get real- Bloggers Without Makeup!

Adventures In Babywearing

Fifi said...

KC...... What a clever idea, I never thought of giving anything else besides chocolate eggs. But I think from next year I'm going to be a little more adventurous! Thanks for a great idea. Your kids look thrilled with their findings!!!
Love to you!

Fantastagirl said...

I love how the Easter Bunny found them away from home!

Love the basket ideas and the towels etc.