Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Spring Vacation Day 1

My kids had spring break the week after Easter.. So we took this time to go on a family vacation. We left early in the wee hours on Good Friday which was April 6, 2007. We left our town at 4am. I had one tiny quick stop to make(yes at 4am! I needed to be sneaky for this stop) and then we were on our way.
The 1st part of our Spring vacation was spent in Pigeon Forge TN. It's about an 8 hour drive from where we live. We left early in the morning to get most of the drive out of the way before the kids woke up.
We hadn't planned on leaving for our trip until Saturday but it was so cold here and it was snowing, we just wanted to head south ASAP.
Friday when we got down there we check into the hotel and it was cold and raining , so we just spent the rest of friday in the heated indoor pool.
I wasn't going to complain to much about the rain seeing how it was 18 degrees outside and snowing when we left home and in the 50's down there :)
Here is a pic of Mr Man in the pool
And This is of the girls.

This last one is Little Man, He is such a water bug.
to view all the pics from Day #1 of our spring vacation click here.


Mama Lily said...

It looks like you had great fun! I think if kids have a pool, that's about all you need for a great vacation. We went to a conference last week, and mine spent all free time in the water.

Thanks for your sweet encouraging comments you left me today! I'm starting to make progress, but it's just so slow, and then you look around and what was finished is now undone!

mommy to four j's said...

it6 looks like you all had a blast. What fun I bet it was pretty out sede with the rain and snow. char

Midlife Mom said...

Hey KC! For some reason when I clicked on your site it always came up the post when your daughter got her ears pierced and I thought you just hadn't been posting. Finally I e-mailed dcrmom and asked her if you were still blogging and she said yes and that I was probably hitting the same post and that was the case! This time I typed in your address instead of just clicking on what came up and sure enough that was the problem!!! I have lots of reading to do now cause that was way back in February!! Sorry I haven't been commenting but that's the reason and now it's solved. I want to go to Pigeon Forge on a trip with my grandkids so I want to hear all about it! I'm glad that is solved!

Quietromance said...

What a fun trip! Your son looks precious in the pool!

Thanks for stopping by!