Sunday, April 22, 2007

What are your 7 favorite songs.

dcrmom over at Musings of a Housewife has tagged her readers with this fun little meme.. about there favorite music.. Thought this went along great with the Sunday six questions for today.

I knew going into this that I would never be able to pick just 7 songs.. I don't really have a favorite song or 7 favorite songs.. I like alot of different music and what I like just depends and changes day to day.. So I am going to just pick the 7 songs that came to mind when I thought what songs would I like to listen to right now at this moment.

1)Sheryl Crow "I'm gonna soak up the sun"
2)Avril Lavigne "Girlfriend" I heard this song for the 1st time this past Thursday and I had to LOL at it. It is funny.
3)Avril Lavigne "My Happy Ending"
4)Avril Lavigne "complicated"
5)Carry Underwood "Before he cheats" This song cracks me up also.
6) Carry Underwood "Jesus take the wheel" this one doesn't make me LOL but it does always make me cry.
7)Carry Underwood " wasted"

Now if I was to go back and time and pick 7 songs I would like to hear right now the list would look like this.
1)Bangles "Manic Monday"
2)Bangles "Eternal Flame".. this one if mine and Barry's song. it was playing at 10:05 pm on April 8, 1989 when Barry asked me to be his girlfriend and wear his class ring. Since this was our song it was also the song we danced to at our wedding reception on Oct 29, 1994
3)Sticking with the Bangles theme, how could I forget "walk like and Egyptian"
4)Ok the next 4 songs I would pick to hear right now are all from Belinda Carlisle 1st one being "circles in the sand"
5) Heaven is a place on earth
6)I get weak
7)mad about you

also like stuff such as "what's left of me" Nick Lachey and alot of country songs pretty much anything from Martina McBride and Faith Hill and alot of praise and worship songs... Mark Harries "Find your wings" is one of my sappy mommy songs I like. Also Mine and Barry's 2nd song which is by Faith Hill and Tim McGraw " It's your Love" This song came out shortly after we bought our house 10 years ago.. It was playing on the radio while i was standing on a ladder in what was Princess room but has now become the boys room, painting the ceiling and in walks Barry singing this song, he sort of grabbed me off the Ladder and spun me around, hugged me and then started dancing with me as he song the song along with the radio.

So my love of music isn't deep. I just like fun song I can crank the radio up and sing along with..(oh how my kids wish I would stop doing this in public LOL) .

dcrmom also asked how do you pick your music.. Do you like the music or the words best.. I always go words.. but it has to have a nice beat also.. I pick my music by what I can sing along with. If I can't understand the words I can't sing so if I can't sing I don't really want to listen to it. Guess I should also add, that songs with bad, not so friendly kid words in them, are edited for the childrens and my ears.. before played. Miss Lavigne doesn't always have the most family friendly lyrics ;)

So there ya have it.. If you all would like to play along go post your 7 favorite songs and then let me know you did so I can go check it out.


Fifi said...

Hi there KC
I love your choices! I was a BIG Belinda Carlisle and Bangles fan! I understand!!!!! teehee.
I know all the words to Avril Lavignes song "Complicated"!!!!!! lol and never stop singing too! Fortunately my kids haven't told me to put a cork in it ...... yet!

Heather said...

Hey! You are a little 80's chick aren't you? I have been a big fan of Belinda and the Bangles too. I had to think about it, but I played along too!

Marcia Francois said...

I'm also an 80s chick - love the Bangles and Belinda Carlisle.

And thanks for visiitng my menu. I was so glad you posted the pizza rolls recipe as I was wondering what on earth pizza rolls are?!