Friday, May 04, 2007

Spring Vacation Day #5

We are up to day #5 of our Spring Vacation 2007. Day # 5 was Tuesday April 10, 2007. This was our 1st full day at Daytona Beach Flroida. The weather was to be nicer this day then it was when we got there on monday. It went up into the 70's but it was very cloudy and didn't really feel to warm when the wind would blow and it was a windy day.
We woke up this morning around 7:30am and put on the kids bathing suits with cloths over top of them and while we were waiting for DH to wake up me and the kids spent some time just taking in the morning air and the wonderful view of the ocean from out on our balcony.. The above pix is of Princess that morning.

This next shot was all 4 of the kids waiting to head down stairs to breakfest. The hotel had a really wonderful continantal breakfest every morning.. I couldn't get enough of the raisen bagles with cream cheese on them.. I ate way to many of them LOL on this trip.

After breakfest the kids wanted to hit the beach but it was still really chilli so we loaded up the van and took a drive to the light house where we spent an hour or so because the kids found a play ground while at the light house.
Here is Princess, Mr Man and Sweet Pea, but if you look back behind them at the swings you will also see me and Little Man. Yes I was getting onto the swing :) then i put Little Man on my lap and we had fun LOL.. Princess, Sweet Pea and Mr Man took turns suffing on the teeter tooter. In this pic Mr Man was just starting to stand up.. on it.. but they all took there turn standing and balancing in the middle. Below is closer shot of Little Man while at the playground.
After we left the play ground the kids were still bagging to go swimming but it was still a bit cold, so we drove around to find a store where we could stock up on some stuff for the hotel room, some junk food to snack on, come pop and bottled waters to drink and so on. We also wanted to pick up bread and Lunch Meat so we could do those for lunches insteed of having to keep dragging the kids out for meals.. Then we found it a super walmart center.. I should buy stock in those places I tell ya.. I'm always running to one all the time and always comeing out with more then I went in for.. This time I got all the grocery items I needed, plus new sandles for Mr Man, a necklace and nail polish for Sweet Pea, Another sand toy for Little Man, A beach chair for me, an extra set of flip flops for Princess, and 2 boogie boards, for Mr Man and Princess. We also picked up chicken and jojos from there deil for lunch seeing as we spent so much time there and was getting hungry. So we left went back to the hotel room and had lunch. Then we hit the beach.. It was cold IMO but that didn't seem to stop Princess and MR Man from running into that water and using there boards. Didn't stop Sweet Pea either.. I did get into the water and road a wave or two on Princess board, but once you got out of the water and the wind would blow I was freezing so I got myself dried off and didn't go back in the water(well up to my knees but didn't get all the way in the water) the rest of the day.
I just spent the time on the beach building sandcastels with Sweet pea and Little ManNot Princess or Mr Man though they spent 6 1/2 hours out there before we brought them in to shower up and go to dinner.(yes it was a very late dinner)durning that 6 hours out there Little man played both in the sand and in the water and he loved it.. he took a late nap that day, but he slept well. I took him up to the room while DH stayed on the beach and i got him to sleep, then once he was asleep and I knew he would be that way for a bit I stepped out on the balcany and waved DH up to stay in the room with him.. This seemed to work well, I got a break from watching kids for a bit and so did he.. and we also took time on the beach.. Team work I tell ya.. :)This shot of the 3 older kids was taken from inside our hotel room looking out our window. The kids were outside on the balcony.. It was after I got them showered and dress to go get dinner.
After we got back from eatting.. we walked on the beach some and then came back to the room and got ready for bed and I think everyone even myself was out by 10pm this is very odd for me seeing how i"m a night owl and normally don't go to bed till 1am.. but after spending all day on the beach chaseing Little Man even I was was whipped and ready for sleep. And that is how we spent day 5 of our spring vacation.

I'm going away for the weekend, so Spring vacation day #6 won't be ready to read till late sunday night or sometime on Monday.. So you all have a wonderful weekend.

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Melanie said...

Oh, I want to be there!!
Looks like a lot of fun.

Who is singing this awesome song?

palmtreefanatic said...

that looks so fun, too bad it wasnt warmer! love these shots! you have been tagged by the way check out my blog for details!