Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Softball this past weekend(5/18-20/07)

Princess had a softball tournament this weekend.. .
They played 3 games on Saturday and 5 yesterday. We left here at 9:30am on Saturday and got home at 11pm and we left here at 8:30am on Sunday morning and are you ready for this.. keeping in mind that today was a school day.. We got home at 1AM(yes that is correct) 1O'clock in the morning....
Saturday our 1st game we won 22-0 The 2nd game we were playing not Aubrie's old team, but Princess's old coach and his mean snotty girl..(and I normally don't call 11 year old names but that is the only close to nice thing I can say about this child) The mean child walked past Princess and made a smart comment.. and since I have tried and Failed(so far) to teach Princess when to keep her mouth shut, Princess, as she was walking away, said back to the girl "Loser". Nice I know and we have talked.. but honestly the girl has made me want to say a lot worse to her LOL.. Anyways the girl is a pitcher and throws about 50 mph.. Princess gets up to bat the 1st time, and on the 1st pitch the girl throws and hits Princess in the ankle.. Princess screams gets some tears, walks it off and takes her base, Then the next batter is up, on the 1st pitch Princess steels 2nd, on the 2nd pitch she steels 3rd, tried to steel on the 3rd pitch but got walked back to 3rd but on the 4 pitch steels home.. Princess winks at the pitcher as she stands up and brushes the dirt off herself..
Princess 2nd time up. the girl throws at her again, Princess jumps out of the way, next pitch inside pitch again, 3rd pitch to low, 4th pitch she throws at Princess again, this time Princess didn't get out of the way and she took a 50 mph fast pitch to her knee, went down and needed carried off the field. She couldn't play the rest of the game and I honestly thought she would be out for the rest of the season. OH MY GOODNESS the bruise on her knee is AWFUL... you can see the stitching from the ball on my child and it is a nice black, blue green color. She wanted to play in the next game because she was to be starting pitcher but after warming up and the coach watching her leg buckling under her she sat her and made her ice it more.
They ended up losing both the 2nd game and the 3rd game, I don't remember the scores because I was still thinking my child's knee was shattered and if not shattered(because she was walking around) then must have had some cracked bones in there.
Sunday stared the double elimination round.. There 1st game was the team they played 3rd and lost too on Saturday night.. Princess still couldn't pitch very well because of her knee so she played 1st every game(this is not new on this traveling tournament team She is the 2nd string pitcher and the starting 1st basemen) Anyways they ended up winning that game, and moving on to play 20 mins later against the team where the girls had hit Princess twice. To say Princess was a little gun shy would be correct.. but I think I was more scared and worried then she was. with a ball coming at you that fast, she could have been hurt so badly that she would never play again.. And I honestly think this girl was gunning for her and I thought she would do it again.. I was in tears when Princess went up to bat.. but she only threw one inside pitch and the rest where strikes and Princess got a single that time up to bat.. still ended up steeling 2nd and 3rd and then the next girls hit brought her home. We lost to them again by 2 points. then we had a games wait(game lasting till they end or the time limit is up , time limited was 90 min.) After that break we had to play the only other team left who had one lose and the winners of that went to the championship game.. We won that game by alot and went on into the championship game.. It was to start at 6:30 but didn't get started until 7:10pm If we lost we took 2nd place, If we won we had to play them again because they were undefeated and They would have to lose 2 games. Well the team we were playing against was the means girls team.. THIS TIME we won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10 - 8 The game ended at 8:40pm and we had to wait 20 mins before the next game. UGH it was late and Little Man was tired and it was cold at this point.. We had to wait so long because they only had one field with lights and 12U played on it before us and they had to move the pitcher mound up for the 10U team to play and then line the field again.. So the real championship game got under way at 9pm
We were down most of the game 0-3 Then Princess was up to bat and are you ready for this.. THEY HIT HER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This time on her wrist.. (we played in 8 games this tournament and NO ONE on our team got hit with the ball ever, except Princess and she got hit 3 times by the same TEAM) She shook it off and took her base, Then she did it to the girl again, 1st pitch for the next batter she ran to 2nd, next pitch right to 3rd, on the 3rd pitch got walked back to 3rd but on the 4th pitch took off super fast and slide right under the pitcher who was trying to tag her out.. To give us our 1st point of the game This started a rally and at the end of that inning we were up 4- 3 To make a long story short. we were in our last inning we were ahead 6-3. They were up to bat and they were hitting on us, nice hits too. The score was now 6-5 two outs and The tying run on 3rd and the winning run up to bat.. We got her at a full count..(talk about nerve racking) She swings and hits the ball up 1st base line just behind the pitcher.. Princess runs for the ball and it was a race between the batter and Princess(who was still limping a bit from the pitch to the knee) as to who would get to the base 1st if it was the runner the game would be tied if it was Aubrie the game would be over we would win 6-5 and take home the 1st place trophy

WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me introduce you to the Champions!!!!!!!!!!!

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