Thursday, May 17, 2007

Day # 9 The Very Last Day of our Spring Vacation.

Day #9
Saturday April 14, 2007 was the day we got home from our Spring vacation that stared on April 6, 07 We spent 3 night in Pigeon Forge TN. While there took the kids to a Easter Egg hunt, spent time in the mountains and by streams and feed the ducks, We had Easter morning in a hotel room, Then went to a church service the kids are still talking about, had a wonderful Easter dinner and then left in the middle of the night and drove down to Dayton Beach Florida, where we spent another 4 night. Having fun in the sun, sand and surf. The kids learned to ride the waves on the boogie boards and played alot on the beach and Little Man loved chasing those sea gulls. Then on Day 8 we headed back for home and took a detour and ended back up for another night in Pigeon Forge TN, where we got to watch the Dolly Parade.
Now it was morning and we loaded up the van yet again(I got awfully darn good at packing and unpacking and loading and unloading that van I tell ya), we checked out of the hotel, said good bye to DH's family(they were staying another night) and we went out to breakfast.
We had breakfast at one of DH's favorite pancake houses.. The Log Cabin Pancake house there in Pigeon Forge. I was looking for a website but I guess they don't have one, however they do have THE BEST blueberry pancakes I have ever ate in my life.. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMm..
After breakfast we headed the 8 hours home..
The kids were so good, there was no fighting, no crying, no screaming wanting out of car seats.. it was just a very very enjoyable and relaxing trip home.

Here is a shot of Mr Man(blowing a bubble) and Princess taken with my cell phone. DH had stopped for gas and I looked back and Sweet Pea and Little Man was sleeping and Mr Man and Princess were just playing road trip games such as eye spy and the likes.. They were getting along so well, it just melted my heart.. So I had to snap a picture of the two of them while DH was out pumping the gas.
At that moment I Thanked God for my family.. my two older kids playing so nicely together on a super long van ride, my two babies sleeping peacefully, a wonderful husband who planned this wonderful trip for us.. All the great memories we were coming back with, all the many many different things we had done over the past 9 days.. I just sat back and said Thank You to our wonderful God
I was just so happy.
It has now been just over a month since we got back and that happiness I felt hasn't gone away, it just seems like it is growing an growing..
Have I mentioned I love my family :) and I Love the Lord who gave them to me.

We got home about 9pm or maybe 10pm(I lost count of time seeing how it has been a month LOL) that night and that ended our Spring Vacation 2007

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Heather said...

What a nice feeling to have and a nice note to end your trip on :)