Thursday, May 31, 2007

Little Man's 2nd birthday

May 14, 2007 Was Little Man's 2nd birthday. Like I mentioned HERE, we had his birthday party the Saturday before his real birthday but we couldn't let his birthday go buy doing nothing now could we?? So That night after school, homework and Mr Man's and Princess baseball and softball. We let him open the gifts from us The photo above is Little Man doing gifts and the back of Mr Man's head, and Sweet Pea's head and part of me.
After gifts we sang happy birthday to him and let him blow out candles again, useing the left over cake from his party. One of Little Man's birthday gifts from us was a bubble machine which the kids all love.. Yes, ya'll those are bubbles being blown in my house.. LOL It his birthday after all and he loved every minute of it. Here is Mr Man and Sweet Pea getting in on the act.After of a few minutes of thinking she was too old for this, Princess got over it and had a blast also.
All 4 of my babies on Little Man's 2nd birthday. (Princess 11, Mr Man 7 1/2, Sweet Pea 5 and Little Man 2 years old)
To view all of Little Man Birthday pictures from his real birthday click Here.


Fantastagirl said...

Great pictures - love the one of all the kids playing in the bubbles!

Nadine said...

Happy Birthday Little Man! I love the pictures with the bubbles.

Doug and Stacey said...

Happy Birthday Little Man!! I always forget how much kids love bubbles.