Sunday, January 27, 2008

Weekend Recap(1/25-27/08)

Time just flies when your having fun. Seem like I was just typing out last weeks recap.
Friday I really didn't do all that much. I did laundry, cleaned the house, took care of kids the normal stuff. Friday night Princess had softball practice.

After that the catcher from her team came home with her to spend the weekend. She is the one in the light blue next to Princess in the above photo. They didn't get home till close to 9:30pm so there was only time for showers and some pizza before heading off to bed.. had to get some rest because Saturday and Sunday we were going to be going on a trip.

Saturday morning we were up bright and early, getting dress, packing up bags and loading the van. We had a few things needing to be done here in town, Like basketball games. 1st game of the day was Princess's we knew going into this game it was going to be a lose, we were playing the 1st place team.. It wasn't pretty 8 to 39 YIKES...
DH and Mr Man had to leave the game early to get him over to his game. I got to it right as it started.. Sadly his team lose also 6-8 BUT it was still a great game for Mr Man seeing as how he scored all 6 of his team points.

After his game we headed into the town I grew up in to drop Little Man off at my parents. Mom had offered to keep him but I had planned to take him with us, but thought I would do better Sunday(when I was going to be without DH help) if he wasn't with us, Plus with his ear infection he really didn't need to be in the water anyways. So we dropped him off and was on the road headed about 1 1/2 hours south. Got to the hotel and went right to the pool. spent 3 1/2 hours swimming and then walked across the parking lot to an Amish restaurant for dinner, Then it was back to the hotel for another 2 hours of swimming when they closed the pool.
Went back to our room and watched a bit of TV and then went to sleep.
Woke up this morning at 6:30am(UGH that is way to early for my liking) went down and had breakfast. At 7:30am DH, Princess and the catcher. Took off and headed south about another 30 to 40 minutes south to our state university for a Pitching clinic that her softball team was sending her too. While they were doing that.. I took Mr Man and Sweet Pea back to the room hoping they would go back to sleep for a bit but they didn't.. So I laid down 1/2 asleep 1/2 awake for an hour while they watched cartoons and while they waited for the pool to open.. at 8:30am we were off to the pool where they played and swam for another 2 1/2 hours..
At 11am I took them back to the room we all showed up packed up everything and worked on our Awana stuff until it was time to check out and then we had to wait about 20 minutes longer for DH and the girls to get back.

I just posted a few short(each one less then 15 seconds) video clips from Saturday at the pool. If you haven't seen them yet, you can view them by clicking these. Clip #1, Clip #2, Clip #3, and Clips #4. Think I'll save the still shots for Wednesday post.

After they got back we headed home But we had to make stop for shopping.. I needed to get Sweet Pea's birthday gifts seeing how her birthday is Tuesday and I didn't get her anything yet. and Princess had some birthday money she wanted to use for a few new shirts. When the shopping was done we went over my parents house DH and Princess took the other girl home, while Mr Man, Little Man, Sweet Pea and I had a late lunch with my parents and I did some stuff on my dads computer(loading pictures and printing some off because Mr Man needs them for school tomorrow) Then we stopped by my IL's who had some stuff they needed us to pick up and then Got back into town right on time for PM church/ Awana. Little Man had fallen asleep on the way home and it was his only nap of the day and it was 6pm.. So I dropped the kids off Awanas then drove home and left DH with the sleeping Little man and I went back to church.
We had leftovers for dinner tonight after church and Everyone except Little Man(who didn't wake up till 7:30pm) and myself are asleep.. Wish I was asleep also.

Some of you wanted to know about Mr Man and the cyst that I posted about last week. I don't know anything yet. He will be missing school tomorrow morning because we have an appointment to see his doctor about it. I'll let you know more when I have more to tell. Thanks for keeping him in your prayers.


Fantastagirl said...

Sounds like a busy - yet fun weekend! I hope everything turns out okay for mr. man.

Kristi said...

Wow...lots more sports for the weekend...huh? I'm sending lots of happy thoughts for the doctor's appt today.

Courtney said...

The clips were great and it seems like your weekend was fun.

I am definitely praying for Mr. Man's dr. appt. today. Please let us know what happens.

livin' with me said...

I just don't know how you do it all- plus you still have time to blog about everything you do. You are so busy.

Please let us know about Mr. Man- I'm keeping him and your family in my prayers.

The Edwards said...

SOUNDS really busy but LOTS of FUN!