Monday, January 07, 2008

Weekend Recap (1st weekend of the new year 08)

Friday was a much better day then Thursday.(missed Thursday Click HERE) Sweet Pea was feeling better and went to school I got some house work done. Mr Man came home from school wanting to know if he could have a friend spend the night so I told him if he went and cleaned is room when it was done we would call his friend. Meanwhile Princess was at the local Friday hangout and afterwards called to let me know her and two friends were over at my grandpas house playing on there computers and wanted to know if said two friends could spend the night. So I told her fine, When it was time to call Mr Mans friend the boy wasn't home so he was so bummed but the girls kept him entertained It was a fun night even if DH missed it all because he had to work. he worked 12 hours Friday night/Saturday morning. The rest of us slept in till 9am or later. The younger 3 woke at 9am and the girls at 10am. At this point we made cinnamon rolls and got dressed and Ready for Mr Mans basketball game, We left the house and got to the game at noon. Mr Man's team won 4 to 2 and Mr Man had all of those 4 points for his team.. When the game was over he came running to the bleachers and Yelled "I won the game" DH(who got back into town from work right as the game was starting) corrected him and said "your team won" and Mr Man looked at him funny and said "No I had all the points" LOL he is learning Then it hit me.. OH NO It's after 1pm and I have to have Princess at her game by 2pm what am I going to feed these 6 kids and DH and myself.. McDonald's to the rescue LOL.. I got it to go we went home and ate it fast and had Princess get dressed for the game. Took her to the school and dropped her off then went to my grandparents because Grandpa was going to watch the boys. It was Little Mans nap time and he had pretty much had his share of basket ball for the day sitting though Mr Man's game.
The we headed back to the gym the 5th graders were in there 4th quarter and Princess game started .. It was a wonderful game. Princess didn't score but had 9 rebounds 6 assist and stold the ball to get a turn over 4 times.. also accounted for 2 jump balls. With 40 seconds left in the game we were up 16 to 13 the coach thought she would put in a few players who didn't see any playing time so Princess came out of the game.. in those 40 seconds our team had the ball and our point guard mad a bad pass and we turned the ball over and the other team scored score is now 16 to 15 with about 20 seconds left and we are throwing in the ball.. we get the ball and just as we get it to our side another bad pass and the other team makes a run to there basket and scores again we are down by one with only 5 seconds on the clock.. we tried to make another point with a buzzer beater but it didn't happen and we lost 16-17 what a heartbreaking game.
After the game we get in the van and Princess starts to flip out her cell phone was missing it wasn't in her bag and her bag she found had a rip at the bottom of it UGH... we ran back into the gym and looked around for it every where and couldn't find it.. we figured it was gone.. until we got back to the van and found it on the van floor right where her bag was laying.. UGH.. but thankfully it was found and now we know her bag is ripped and we won't be storing it in there anymore. We came back home and Princess two friends packed up there stuff and I dropped them off at there homes and went and picked up the boys.. before we left grandmas they asked if Sweet Pea wanted to stay and play there and she did so I picked up two and lost one. When I got home it was 6pm so I made dinner for my poor husband who couldn't keep his eye open any longer seeing how he had been up just about 24 hours. After we ate he laid on the couch in the family room(LOL well it is sort of a family room.. but it really is just 1/2 of the dinning room but it sounds weird saying the couch in the dinning room) and turned on a football game on the TV in there and within 5 minutes he was sound asleep. At 7pm grandma called asking if Sweet Pea could spend the night there so I said yes but I had to take her church cloths over to her. So I did that and on my way home at 7:30pm my break light in the van came on I called my dad wondering what I needed to check on it to see why it came on and with in 30 minutes and mom was at my house. Dad wanted to check it out for himself.. The whole time DH is dead to the world still on said couch.. I tried to wake him to tell him to move himself to the bedroom because people were here but all I got was a grunt of ok and him rolling over LOL... by 9pm my van was fixed and Mom and dad was taking Princess and Mr Man over there house to spend the night. Now jumping back in time a little here... Little Man never did fall asleep for grandpa in the afternoon but he did pass out in the van on our way home from grandpa's so about 5:45pm he was taking a nap.. He didn't wake up from that nap until 8pm so he was wide awake and didn't go back to sleep until 10:30pm which I thought was great but by 11pm he was up again and ready to ready to play... this was killing me because I started feeling really sick.. my throat had been killing me since Friday but now I was in pain my throat was killing me but also just felt bad all over. Little Man didn't pass out again until 12:45am UGH UGH UGH... then I tossed and turned all night.. Just as I fell into a good sleep DH woke up and got off the couch and came into bed I asked him what time it was and it was 4am. I was feeling mighty bad so got up to take some Tylenol and I woke up little Man somehow... UGH
So at 4:30pm I climbed back into bed. When the alarm went off to get ready for church I knew there was no way I was making it. So I stayed in bed. at 9am it hit me that we were to have a pot roast for dinner today and I had forgot to cut up the veggies and get everything into the crock pot. so I drug myself out of bed and got all that together and turned the crock pot on... UGH this was going to be a after church dinner but that wasn't going to happen seeing how it was already 10am
at 10 I went back to bed and DH woke me up at 12:30pm asking me what I had planned for lunch.. I think I grunted and rolled over LOL.. at 1pm I drug myself back out of bed and he was feeding himself and little Man leftover hamburgers and hot dogs. I asked where the kids were and he told me Sweet Pea went back to grandma's house and Princess and MR Man were with my parents ... My mom ended up staying home from church today too because Princess was sick also. ~sigh~ I think I was up for about 1 1/2 hours and then I fell back to sleep on the couch and woke up at 4:30pm when DH asked me what time dinner would be done I laid there a little long and then got up and made corn muffins.. and we were eating dinner at 5:30pm just as my parents go here with the kid perfect timing.. So they got to eat also.. after that I laid around some more.
Today Monday I have Princess and Mr Man both home from school sick, and just got Little Man back from the doctor for a recheck on his ear infection. Little Man's ears are still not cleared up so he will be needing another prescription.

So that is how I spent my weekend and how this week is starting.


Misty said...

sounds like a busy weekend!

Stayllo said...

I just don't know how you do it all. The girls look like they had so much fun!

Kristi said...

It's nice to meet you. It sounds like you have a very busy household. I hope you feel better soon and I look forward to getting to know you better.

The Stevens Family said...

I definitely feel your pain. Callee woke up this morning with pink eye so will definitely be going back to the doctor today! 3 times in 2 weeks.

The Stevens Family said...

You've been tagged.

Melanie said...

You are one busy lady! Guess that's where the name of your blog came from ;)

I remember those sleep over days- so much fun!

I hope everyone is feeling better today.

Shaunda said...

SOUNDS like one of my weekends...Lots of fun!