Monday, January 14, 2008

Weekend Recap (Jan,11-13, 2008)

I'm a little late once again getting my weekend recap posted, but hey what's new right??
This weekend was like most of our weekends, busy.
Friday morning got the kids off to school and when DH got home from work we headed off to do some running. 1st stop our favorite camp ground so we would write down the numbers of some of the spots we liked and wouldn't mind camping on so that we can plan a camping trip for this summer since it is about that time to reserve our spot and days. Then we got a bit for lunch and headed to the grocery store, by the time we got home I had about 25 minutes before the kids got home from school. Mr Man was going to have his best friend spend the night so I spent those 25 mins picking up the house, only Mr Man's plans didn't happen something came up and the boy couldn't spend the night after all.
Princess got invited to spend the night with one of her friends but she had softball practise.. so we told the girl we didn't think it would work out this week, but the girl called back and asked if it was ok if Princess came over after softball we explained it would be late but her parents and she didn't mind so we packed up a bag for her.
After dinner DH took Princess to softball they got home about 8:45pm and Princess headed off to her friends house to spend the night. While they did that me and the 3 younger kids played UNO and watched Flushed away and I got them to bed
We had to wake up early Saturday Morning to start our crazy day of basketball. DH made us all breakfast of oatmeal and butter toast and then He took Mr Man to his basketball game early because it was picture day.. I was running a little behind so I met them there.. I got there before the game started but my FIL, MIL, my Grandma and my parents had beat me and the younger kids getting there. Mr Man's game started at 10am, and Princess's game started at 11am, She needed to be at her school by 10am so it worked out nicely her staying with the friend, since the friend is on the basketball team and she could get to school with her.
Mr Man's team won again 6-2 and he had 2 points this week his team is now 2-0
After that game my parents took my 3 younger kids to spend the night. My Dad was taking my boys to get hair cuts at his barbers and then they were spending the the dad with Grandma and grandpa. The rest of us(DH, My IL's , My grandma and myself) headed over to Princess's school to watch her game.. Princess had a great game but there team ended up losing. They are now 2-2 but there 2 wins were preseason so in the record book right now they are 0-2.
After her game we came home she showered up and we headed off for a long eventful day. 1st stop the Mall. Grandma had given Princess some money for her birthday and wanted us to take her out to her two favorite stores Aeropostale and Hollister though I don't know how she could count Hollister's as a favorite store seeing how she had never been to one before LOL.
We went to the Mall closet to us 1st and went to Aeropostale and she got two tops and a pair of jeans. We got a bite to eat and ate it on the road as we headed out to watch the 14U team from Princess new travel tournament team play a indoor softball game. She and DH wanted to go and watch them play at this place because sometime next month Princess's team(which is 12U) will be starting there winter softball league games there. After we left there we hit one of my favorite malls(MUCH MUCH bigger then the one closet to us) and we stopped by and saw my SIL she works at this mall, then we went on the hunt for Hollister.. WOW I have never been in a store like this before in my life and I must say it really did make me feel OLD LOL.. all thesepre-teen and teen 's all over the place in there with all these mothers being the throw rack for all these girls saying "hold on to this I need to try it on" Us mother were standing there with are arms about ready to fall off. The dad's that were in the place was sitting down in these big comfy leather chairs and couches which were place though out the store. All the lighting were dime and the music was so loud.. but it was fun to see Princess in action.. tossing cloths out at me asking me to run and get a different size. Poor DH couldn't stand all the girls running around this store and just shook his head and said I'll wait for you in the Mall LOL..
Princess ended up getting 5 tops there..
Then it was off to watch my Nephew high school basketball team play the school that I started kindergarten at. We go there for both games normally we will just show up for the varsity but we didn't spend as much time in the Mall then we had planned and the school they were playing at was 1/2 way between the Mall and home so we watched 2 basketball games . The team we were routing for lost both of the games. but DH's Great uncle and Aunt lives in that town so they came to the game so it was nice seeing and talking with them and my IL's When we got home that night I was so sleepy.. I watched some politics on TV and was asleep by 11:30pm

and programs. Last week they started back up 3 of my kids and I were sick so we didn't make it.. guess they didn't miss much it was more everyone trying to figure out where they left off sort of thing... This week they Sunday was church and cleaning up the house a bit, then church again. Sunday night is Awana's Though our club took the Month of Dec 07 off due to Christmas and all the Christmas cantata'sannounced clubber of the month for the Month of November. (Mr Man won it the month before)
And the WINNER IS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sweet Pea!!!!!!!!!!!!

We came home took these pictures and that is how we ended our weekend.

Today I cleaned all morning, in the afternoon we to my parents house, in the evening spend an hour or so at my grandparents house and ran Princess back and forth and what not for basketball practise.. and here I am now.
Little Man is spending the night at my parents again, so I can go with Princess tomorrow morning with her Academic Challenge Team to there very 1st ever quiz bowl.. none of the team is really sure what it is all about.. They kick butt at there academic challenge matches but thought they would give the world of quiz bowl a try. So If I"m not around tomorrow this and and shampooing my carpets is why. :)


Heather said...

If ever I am feeling like I cannot sleep all I need to do is read your weekend recap and I am worn out!! I wish I would of paid closer attention to when 1st/2nd grade basketball was I had it mixed up with sign up for spring soccer. I told Ethan he could play. We just realized this last week, my poor guy was heartbroken. He really wanted to play.
Yay for Sweet Pea clubber of the month! Way to go!! Have a good time with the Academic Challenge Team tomorrow!!

palmtreefanatic said...

congrats Sweet pea!
wow! your weekends are just way to crazy busy! Your weeks are too for that matter! I feel so wore out reading all your kids activities I will remain keeping my trio home from all events;) I do not think I will EVER be ready for all that running! I hope you get some sort of relaxation! good thing you have help from your family!

Kristi said...

Wow! What a packed weekend. We sometimes have those weekends but my husband and I actually like them because we're still all together for the two days.

The Stevens Family said...

Another great weekend. Sounds exciting.

Sniz said...

Congrats, Sweet Pea! Boy, you had a busy weekend. Those sports games that overlap or are in different places on the same day kill me. But I do it because it's so fun for them!

Midlife Mom said...

Oh me oh my! I think I need to sit in my recliner for a few minutes after reading about all of your activities!!! WOW! How do you keep track of everything?!

Mr. Man's pictures are sooooooo good, what a sweetheart! And congratulations to Sweet Pea on winning the Awana Award! Good Job!! Awana is such a wonderful program. My grands are in Cubbies and Sparks and they love it. I see them for a few minutes each Sunday night as I am going in to evening service and they are having so much fun and learning so much. Those verses will stick with them their whole life!

Congrats on your award, it is certainly deserving, you have a wonderful blog! :O)

Take care and get some rest!!! xoxox

Melanie said...

You are ALWAYS so busy! How in the world do you keep up with all of these activities??

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