Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Did he or Didn't he.. what's a mom to do??

Princess and Mr Man has a collection of those little super balls,(rubber
bouncing balls) Little Man loves to play with them.. I normally don't let
him because he throws them all over my house and then I can't find
them. Well tonight he found one under something I'm not sure what..
He was playing with it tossing it back and forth though the room.. I
didn't bug taking it from him because he was being good..
I go into the kitchen because my parent just got there and I was
letting them in the back door.. when Little man starts coughing alot. Sweet Pea
yells Little Man is choking.. only it didn't sound like he was it sounded
like a fake coughing.. but he was bent over and his eyes were
watering. I pick him up and ask him if he is ok he says yes so I
think he was fake choking he has done that a time or two. Sweet Pea
tells me "I think he ate the ball" I'm thinking there is no way he could have, he
would be turning blue because no one can swallow a rubber bouncing ball
right?? But I don't see the ball any where.. I ask Little Man where the
ball is and he opens up his mouth and points inside.. I said you
don't put balls in your mouth.. where is the ball now and he said "Me
ate ball" OH MY GOODNESS?!?!?!?!
I asked if anything hurts he says no.. I'm not 100% sure he ate this
darn ball.. but he is breathing fine and acting normal..

I thought about rushing him to the ER but then thought I'm over
reacting seeing as to look at him nothing seems to be wrong with him
at all. and I'm not even sure he ate the ball.. but this happened 4 hours ago and he is still fine. but when I ask him where the ball is, he still opens up his mouth points inside and tells me he ate the ball..
He has a doctors appointment tomorrow for a recheck of his ears so
I'll just mention this to the doctor tomorrow and see what he has to say.


Kristi said... scary. We had a similiar situation on Tuesday with Flintstone vitamins. Aaron came to me with two in his mouth and when I fished them out, there was different colored residue on his back teeth. I don't know how he got to them but of course I called poison control and they assured me that the number I think he ate would probably not be harmful. Now, I haven't given him his daily vitamin for two days thinking his system, should probably flush first.

Courtney said...

Kids do some weird stuff that leaves parents wondering. I would definitely ask the doctor about it, but I would love for one child to give me a good explanation why they do the things they do.

annie said...

Oh KC that is scary. Glad he's okay!

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Oh yikes - I hate those darn little bouncy balls... I hope that everything's ok! :)

Misty said...

thank Goodness he didn't choke. I guess at some point, the mystery will be solved... If he has bouncy poop- you will know. :)
poor guy...

Midlife Mom said...

Yikes! That would have scared me to death! Good thing you are going in for his doctor appointment and can mention it to him! Kids do the wildest things don't they?! Never a dull moment!!

Fee said...

KC! This post was freaking me out!!! That is scary stuff. That would be a large swallow thinking of the bouncy balls I know of!
Boy oh Boy!