Thursday, January 24, 2008

Still don't know what happened to the ball

Took Little Man into the doctors earlier this morning for a recheck on his ear. I explained to the doctor what had happened last night with the ball.. She was pretty sure there was no way he could have got a super ball down his throat, she said his air ways are to small. Which is is exactly what I thought also.. I told her I looked everywhere for the ball and still can't find it, and when I ask Little Man about it he is still opening his mouth and pointing in. She asked him where he put the ball and he did the same thing for the doctor, he opened his mouth and pointed inside. So the doctor asked him where did the ball go after it was in his mouth he pointed at his throat and then to his belly and he said " Me ate ball" She said "you silly boy you didn't eat the ball" and he said "yes, me eat ball"
She put it in his chart as a possible foreign object and then looked over him carefully.. listing to his chest, belly, throat..
She tells me there is nothing stuck any place or there would be a whistling sort of sound and he sounds perfectly normal. So she doesn't think he ate the ball and again she tells me she just doesn't think it is physically possible for him to have done that. So I guess time will tell if he did or if he didn't..

Now back to the reason for this appointment. His ears.. or well his left ear. I'm pretty sure I have told you all about that. Back on New years Eve he was very fussy, running a fever and in alot of pain so we took him in and he had an ear infection in his left ear. They started him on amoxicillin and He was seen again 10 to 12 days later(I think I blogged about that also but I'm not going back to look it up) At that appointment his ear was looking alot better but the tube was still a little blocked because the graph wasn't in the right spot. His Doctor didn't want to do another round of antibiotics and instead wanted to try a steroid nasal spray to see if that couldn't clear it up and open the tubes.. Today was the recheck on that and Little Man had also started tugging on his left ear again. Well sure enough his left ear is still bad, not only did the new treatment not work at making him better, his ear has got worse. This time from the little graph test thing it is a flat line no curve at all. grrrrrrrrrrrrr... I understand the not wanting to give kids to many antibiotics but his ear would have been cleared up by no and he wouldn't still be in pain and I wouldn't have had waisted the money on the nasal spray and waisted two weeks of trying that.. if they just would have gave him one more round of the amoxicillin. So now he is back on the amoxicillin and we go back for another recheck on Feb 1.


Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Huh, I wonder what did happen to that ball! Very curious.... :)

I hope his ear is better soon, poor little guy. I can't imagine why they wouldn't have given you the antibiotic to clear it up to begin with, especially if the first round didn't work completely. I hope it gets rid of all of it this time!

Sniz said...

That stinks about his ears. I hope he feels better soon! I'm dying to know about that super ball.

Courtney said...

That ball is just an odd situation. Keep us posted if you find it or whatever. My kids have been on antibiotics and not gotten rid of the infection so they give them another round of a different antibiotic. Wonder why they didn't do that instead? Good luck with his ears and the mystery ball.