Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Bodacious Blog and a Weird Meme.

I guess that what I have, a Bodacious Blog.. or at least one person thinks so :)
Courtney over at life with Taylor and Callie has passed this award on to me.
If you haven't stopped by her blog yet your missing out. She is a wife and mother of 2 sharing there life and love with us on her blog.
Thank you Courtney for thinking of me when you passed this one.

Courtney has also tagged me to do The Weird Meme

Here are ~Da Rules~ The rules are for me to link to the person who tagged me, list 7 weird things about myself and then tag 7 others to play along. And also, most importantly, let them know they have been tagged.

1) I must dip my cookies
2) I don't like milk
what do you mean these don't make me weird
Well how about this...
3) since I don't like milk and I must dip my cookies I will dip my cookies into whatever I am drinking at the time. water, pop, koolaid, hot coco, grape juice, you name it.
4) when eating skittles I have to sort them by color and then line them up in a pattern and then eat them
5) Combos.. must eat around the cheese before eating the cheese
6) I do the same sort of weird eating pattern with Reesescups eating the peanut butter last.
and lets see if I can come up with something that I don't eat that is weird.. HUMMMM..
7) I never watch TV live. If there is a show I want to see I tape it and watch it after the kids go to bed. This doesn't count for sports those I will watch live with all the interruptions of kids saying mom. I don't know if this is weird or not..

lets see who shall I tag
1) Heather
2) Mel @ livin with me
3) Miss Sniz
4)Deb mom of 3 girls
5)Mom of 3
7) Tina


Melanie said...

Wow- we are a lot alike. The only one I find to be strange is number 3. I mean- gross. While I don't like milk either, I will dip my cookies in milk that is very chocolatey. But, everything else on the list sounds like me.

I'll try to play along soon. I'm already so far behind.

palmtreefanatic said...

Wow! I been tagged 2 times for this...
ok Yeah #3 is VERY weird;)
nice list! I will have to do mine now...
thanks for the tag:)

Marz said...

Congrats on your award!
Ummm... dipping cookies in pop? I'm sorry that sounds a little...ummm... weird, lol!!!
how do you it a pb cup around the pb? I'm trying to imagine that one.
lmao! Yup, you're a little on the weird side j/k!

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Congrats on your award and thanks for the tag! I'm laughing at your list - I do something very similar with Skittles, and I don't like milk either... Although I don't dip my cookies. ;)

The Stevens Family said...

The dipping cookies is kinda gross but I am with you on the skittles, I do the same with m & m's. Thanks for playing along.

Shana said...

Gross, you dip your cookies in water or pop... Now that is weird!!! LOL!!! :o)