Sunday, January 20, 2008

ALOT OF STUFF!!!!(a whole week reflextion & Princess's birthday)

WOW a week without a post.. and I wasn't even gone on vacation. I don't even know where to begin.
Academic Challenge Stuff:
Guess Tuesday will be a good place. Princess had Academic Challenge. Well her AC team was competing in there 1st ever quiz bowl. They were playing against a school that has been doing this for a while. We got there not really sure what to expect and found out they get less time for question and once you hit your buzzer you have to answer immediately(in there AcademicChallenge tournaments you can hit your button and have like so many seconds to still discuss your answer with your team before answering) So our group of kids were a bit nerves about all of this but they did really well and ended up with the victory. The final score was our team 62 there team 26... Yeah we did well LOL.Day to Day stuff:
Tuesday they also started construction on our road.. Making life a little harder to get around but it was a great help in entertaining Little Man while I was working at getting the house party ready
I spent the week when I was home washing windows,cabinets, and flood, dusting, vacuuming and then shampooing the carpets in the kids bedrooms. Thought I would get the whole house done with the steam vac but never got to it.

Doctors Stuff:
One of the reason I didn't finish was because Mr Man could hardly walk on his foot. He doesn't remember hurting it but his foot was killing him.. He started complaining to me about it on Sunday last week but he was still walking.. though the next couple of days it got worse.. so on Wednesday morning I called the doctor and took him out of school at lunch to take him to have his foot checked out This took some time because after the doctors we had to head off to the hospital for x-rays. I thought I would get the results that day but never did so I thought I would get them on Thursday but the doctor never got them so I called the hospital to see why they hadn't sent them and the reason was because NO ONE READ them?!?!?!?! So they told me to look for them by Friday. Mean time keeping him off his foot was doing him a world of good he would wake up feeling fine and able to walk but after school his foot was hurting him so we made him rest more.. Friday at noon a nurse from the doctors office called and told me the doctor had them looked at them but wanted to talk to me about them so wanted to know if it was ok for the doctor to call me in an hour. This had me thinking it was broke, because if it was OK the doctor wouldn't need to call me. When I did hear back from her, she had good news and some other news. Good news is nothing is broke or chipped or anything in his foot, BUT from his x-ray they took of his foot, they found a cyst on his Fibula bone in his leg, then she tells me not to worry to much because in most cases they are benign, but she is passing this case over to our primary doctor(she is not our normal doctor) I should be hearing from him some time this week.
I keep trying to remind myself that she didn't sound to concerned and that most cases are benign... but then I have my MIL super worried right now because her brothers son died of bone cancer which started as a cyst on a bone around his knee. UGH UGH UGH.... I can't wait to talk to our doctor.

Birthday Stuff:
Princess turned ~*12*~ Years Old on Friday
She had a few friends (as in 8 which is a real small group for her seeing how it is normally 20 to 30 friends LOL) come over and we loaded up the van and a car and headed uptown to eat at a pizza place(oh those poor peoples face when we all walked in) after Pizza we went to the mall, OH MY Goodness!!!!! LOL nine tween girls walking though a Mall LOL.. They were so funny but what was even more funny was watching the looks on peoples faces as Me and DH along with our 9 girls passed them LOL. We kept having people come up telling us either we were brave or crazy. On guy came up and said "WOW you have your hands full, are they all your?" LOL one of the girls jumped in and said "yes, we are all hers, she had all of us in one year" OH ME....
After about an hour at the mall we headed over to a bowling ally that dose glitter glow bowling on Friday nights after 9pm. We spent two hours with these crazy fun girls bummer glow bowling.. They were all very very good but all very fun loving crazy girls.. They would blurt out all the words to all the songs that came on that they all liked and a few of them were even crazy enough to get up and start dancing to them. We left the bowling ally around 11pm and headed home for cake, we had to make a stop because I forgot to pick up candles so while in the parking lot of the store the girls enjoyed themselves by having a Chinese fire drill.
Once we got home we had cake and did gifts and they bagged and bagged to have me drive them so they could go TPing but it was close to Zero out so we killed that idea. and around 1:30am they laid out there sleeping bags and started a movie.. at 3:30am all but 2 were asleep so I turned off the TV and told those to to go to sleep and I headed off to bed myself.
Saturday morning the girls all helped themselves to breakfast, that I had read for them, which I thought I would have to be the one serving them like I have done in past years.. guess I forgot these are mostly 12 year old and they feel all grown up doing it them self so before I even heard them up and moving around they were all sitting around the table eating..
Then there parents came.. Well most of them.. 3 of them spent all day Saturday with us and then spent the night again on Saturday night.

Sporting stuff:
Saturday morning at 11:30am I loaded up the van with the kids I still had and we went to Mr Mans basketball game.. They had there 1st lost Mr Man played well but afterwards his foot was hurting again, it didn't hurt him on Friday at all and Saturday morning he was wanting to play in his game. BUT there team lost 6-2
We came home I made lunch feed everyone.. Packed up food for DH who had to go into work later that evening/afternoon.
Then we headed over to Princess basketball game. There team had there 1st win of the season and it was a down right dirty game.. The other team was just plain old mean, hitting, pushing, and just playing dirty.. One of there girls fouled out and got made that she couldn't play anymore and so she took her water bottle and threw it at her coach.. OH My Goodness!!!!
There fans were just as bad, yelling and screaming at our team, our coaches and the refs.
DH was needing to be on the road quickly after Princesses game to get to work, but he stuck around until I was ready to go with princess and all the kids because he was afraid some of the crazy fans from the other team was still going to be waiting to yell and scream and who knows what more to the team as they were leaving. goodness I didn't think that stuff happened until High School ball not 6th grade ball. but we won the game in the last 30 seconds 16 to 14 More Day to Day Stuff:
Today we woke up and all 9 of us ate and got dressed for church in our one bathroom house LOL.
Went to Sunday school and church came home and ordered pizza for lunch. by 2:30pm I was down to my 4 kids and one extra girl who is spending another night with us tonight.(LOL she has been with us since Friday afternoon and I don't think she is going home until dinner time tomorrow) Mr Man also has a friend over and spending the night tonight.
This evening we went to Awanas/PM Church and then I went with all the kids to my grandparent to get these pictures on my blog because for some reason my computer isn't letting me upload photo to any sight.. don't know what is up with that. I also got 1/2 of the birthday/this weekend photos online.. When I get them all online I'll get them sorted and let you all view them.
All 6 of the kids were out by 10:30pm tonight.. Mr Man's friend and princess's friend were both asleep by 10pm all my 4 was still awake LOL. The boys were all in the family room watching a movie with there sleeping bags and the girls were in the living room watching a movie. I'm leaving the boys were they are.. but Princess and Sweet Pea got up turned off TV and went to there room. they tried to wake up G(Princess's friend) but she is out like a light in the recliner so I think I'll just let her be, and hope she doesn't mind that we all left her alone in the living room. She has been spending a least one night every weekend with us since the start of December so I hope she feels at home here by now LOL.

Well It's after 11pm now so I guess I should end this book by now.
Hopefully I will get sometime this week to get caught up on all your blogs. I know there is going to be a doctors appointment for Mr Man sometime this week, and I have to have some dental work on Tuesday which I'm sure is going to be painful.. UGH..
but other then hopefully getting around to shampooing the rest of the carpets, I don't have anything pressing going on until the weekend.. So I'll see ya all in the blog world. Good night.


Kristi said...

I missed your posts while you were gone. It certainly sounds like you had a busy week. I hope all goes well with the dr. this week. Nothing can be more disconcerting than questions in your child's health. I had issues with my son's head sized a while back and I found the waiting was harder than the knowing. I'm sending hugs your way.

Courtney said...

The waiting is the absolute worst. I will keep Mr. Man in my prayers! You have certainly been busy.

Marz said...

Oh my gosh! 12?!! Well Happy Belated Birthday to her.
Oh no! Poor Mr. Man. I sure hope you get some answers soon.
Cool on the road construction (well not really, just cool to keep Little Man occupied. I know Nate would've had a ball watching those guys too.)

Livin' With Me said...

Well, now I need a nap. No wonder you didn't post- you barely had time to breathe.

I will keep Mr. Man in my prayers. Isn't the waiting terrible. I certainly hope everything is okay. At least they know about it and can keep an eye on it.

Princesses party looks like so much fun. I remember doing stuff like that. Now that I'm a parent I realize how much work it was for my parents to do stuff like that for me. Lots of happy memories though. Happy Belated Birthday Princess!

Midlife Mom said...

Okay so I had to take a nap after reading your post.....I'm old remember! lol! Seriously though you sure have been busy with life! I can just picture you two going through the mall with all those giggling tweens! Happy Birthday to Princess from me!!!

Oh how I hate the waiting on medical stuff and when it has something to do with your child it's 100 times worse. Just know that God is in control and that we all are praying that this cyst is nothing more then a nuisance to Mr. Man. When I was waiting for the results of the tumor on my brain God gave me the greatest peace and for that I am thankful as I tend to be a bit of a worry wart! It was benign and I only have to have one more check of it in April.

I'd hate to have your grocery bill with all the company you have staying over! lol! But isn't it fun? I L.O.V.E.D. it when my son was that age and having his friends staying with us here at the house and at the lake. I heard more burps and toots then any woman should have to hear but with boys it goes with the territory I guess! HA! You will look back on these days with such fond memories and they go too fast so enjoy them, and I know you do!!! xoxox