Thursday, January 03, 2008

OH what a day ~sigh~

School is back in. The kids were not use to having to go to bed early last night. I got them all ready for bed around 8pm and by 9pm they were all in bed.. Well except for Little Man who kept jumping out of bed.
They were all having trouble sleeping.. I think there internal clocks were set to stay up late and sleeping in. At 10pm all 4 of them were still awake. Sweet Pea was sick on Tuesday and wasn't feeling 100% last night so I really wanted her to get to sleep because I didn't want her to miss school, seeing how she keeps getting sick and has already missed 7 days of school. I had her go lay in my bed thinking maybe she would be able to fall asleep faster.. Didn't work.. at 10:30pm Mr Man had fallen asleep, Princess was in a light sleep but Sweet Pea and Little Man was still wide awake.. Little Man blowing my mind seeing how not only was it past his normal bed time but he also missed his nap. Sweet Pea was frustrated she jumped out of my bed said this ain't working, I'm trying Little Man's bed. Next thing you know I hear a thunk and her screaming her poor little head off.
I ran in there and her head had the biggest bump on it and it was already turning colors. After she stopped screaming I was able to make out though the sobs that she threw her head down face 1st into the pillow when she got into the bed, ONLY she missed the pillow and hit the nightstand. We iced it for a bit(don't worry not direct ice to the head ) a bit being like an hour putting us still awake at 11:30pm. I had given her Motrin before putting her to bed because of her slight fever so I didn't think to give her anything for pain right away but at midnight when she was still up crying that he head was hurting.. It hit me to give her Tylenol So we went to the kitchen where I keep it and the camera was also out there.. so here is a shot of my poor baby's head 1 1/2 hour after the fact.

sometime during all of this excitement Little Man climbed back into bed and fell asleep. Sweet Pea fell asleep in my arms between 12:30am and 1am, and slept in my arms the rest of the night.

This morning.. I woke her up a little when I was getting up to turn off the alarm clock. The 1st thing I did was take her temperature to see if I could send her to school or not. It was normal so I thought it would be good to send her even though she was up to close to 1am. I got Princess and Mr Man up and dressed and made up my mind not to wake her till the last minute. I called my grandpa explained to him what I was doing so that he could take Princess and Mr Man to school at there normal time they normally leave. He got here at 8:25am and off they went to school. I woke Sweet Pea up at 8:30am got her dress she seemed fine for her lack of sleep.. but I gave her some Tylenol for her head which she said was still hurting. She got dress, ate her breakfast and we were out the door by 8:47am to get her to school before it started at 9am . By the time I took Sweet Pea to school DH was home from work so he stayed with Little Man who was still sleeping..
When I got home Little Man was still asleep. I ended up waking him up at 9:10am because we had to leave for his speech class at 9:30am I thought hard about cancelling it today seeing how Little man was still asleep and he has to be awake and ready and willing to work with the lady.. but then he had the last two weeks off because of the holidays and I thought he could use the speech.. so I woke him up.. and battled with him to eat and get dress and get his coat on so we could leave.. I like to get there about 9:35 for his 9:45 appointment time.. ONLY we didn't even leave the house till 9:40am so we ended up not getting there till a few minutes after his appointment time.. But it was a good day at speech.. he did everything they wanted to see him do and was talking more so then he normally does..
To reward him for being so good I took him to McDonald's bought him some fries and let him play.. He was afraid to go up the tree steps to get to the slide so I did it a few time with him then he was happy but wanted me to sit 1/2 way up the play scape where the slide comes out at. Then he would give me a kiss and go back up and come back down give me a kiss and do it all over again. He and I was the only people in the play area. We were there for about an hour and a half. Next we stopped by and visited with grandma and grandpa a bit.. and we left there a little after 1pm.
The plan was to come home pick up the 200 blocks that was left on the floor in my living room and pick up the 100 pieces of tracks and trains that Rhett had left on the floor also then get him a nap. We got all the things picked up in there said crates and boxes then the phone rang.. when I got off the phone Little Man had dumped out everything we had just picked up. back to the phone call.
It was the school. They had Sweet Pea in the office and she wasn't doing well.. her fever was below normal but her head was really hurting her.
I explained to them what she did last night and what time she went to bed.. I told them I'm sure her head was hurting from the knot on it and my guess was she is just really tried. Then then told me she wasn't looking very good at all and I should come and get her... UGH!!!!! I mean yes I don't want my baby in pain or at school sick.. but NOW she is up to 7 1/2 day and they only get 10 with out a doctor excuse and so far she doesn't have one for any of these missed days.
The 1st 3 days she missed in a row Mr Man was sick with the same thing 3 days before her I took him into the office and it was just a virus and they did nothing for him so I knew Sweet Pea had the same thing so I didn't take her in. Then I took her out and hour early for a dentist appointment which I forgot to get a paper from the dentist so it counted as a 1/2 day with no doctors note. The next time she had a fever stayed home and the next day was better so I didn't take her to the doctors. Next one was a 1/2 day I got a call from the school that she was in the office with a fever. the day after that I kept her home because the wasn't 100% well. Then the week right before Christmas break I got another call from the office saying she was running yet another fever.. so there was another 1/2 day. Next morning she was fine and back at school.. Now today they sent her home again making it 7 1/2 days.. ~sigh~

She has been home since 2pm and has just laid on the couch so I guess she must not be feeling well be it from being sick, hitting her head, or just plain tired I don't know. ONLY since she came home Little Man wouldn't take a nap. the other kids came home and now he is even less interested in a nap.. making this 2 days in a row for no nap. My goal is to not let him fall asleep now or I'll be up all night with him.. Hopefully I can keep up up until 7:30 or 8pm so he will sleep all night and not think of it as a nap.

This is one of those Calgon take me away sort of days..


Shana said...

Bless her heart, THAT had to hurt!!! I hope she is feeling better soon. :o) And if the Calgon works please let me!!!

Misty said...

wow! If ever a calgon day indeed! Did things get better?

Heather said...

Oh my what a goose egg! I saw Mr Man after school and usually I see sweet pea shortly after and I didn't see her today. What a rough night you had!! I hope she is feeling better or at least gets some sleep tonight. Oh and Ethan says the little guy who wants to marry your sweet little one's name is David S. How funny! I'm glad that wasn't my man proclaiming his love for some little girl. I've informed him no marriage propasals until he is an adult!! But I could maybe make an exception for your little cutie;) Hope today is better for you!!!

Fantastagirl said...

Hope she is feeling better!

I'd call the dentist office and tell them you need a note (even if it was from December), and if the nurse sends her home it shouldn't count towards the 10 that she is "allowed" to miss.

You soo need a nice hot bath!

annie said...

Oh ouch KC. Poor little thing!

Shaunda said...

OH No that is one big goose egg. I hope she is feeling better. I have to agree that you need a calgon BATH! The Days to come will be much better...

The Stevens Family said...

Poor baby! You definitely need some Calgon right now. Did it work or did your day get any better?