Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Time Travel Tuesday.

I didn't think I would have time to do a Time Travel post today.. but I just saw what Annie had for our assignment today and well I can just link to a few post I all ready wrote for this one.
"We're traveling back to the most special moment over Christmas... was there a time that you had to bite your lip not to tear up? Did someone do something so kind it was moving, or maybe just finding that special thing your kiddo wanted really bad... maybe a church service you attended?"

I loved every moment of Christmas this year.. EVERY moment.. I would post about everything if I had the time..
but the highlights.. the candle light service at church, Christmas eve Party at my IL's, Christmas morning with the kids opening there gifts and my family Christmas party at my grandparents house.

I haven't got around to posting Christmas morning and my family party post yet..
But you can find The Candle Light Service post HERE

and Christmas eve with my inlaws HERE

For more Time Travelers visit Annie's blog

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annie said...

Glad your holidays were so wonderful KC!