Monday, February 04, 2008

Weekend Recap (Feb 1-3, 2008)

I was going to start this post like this.
"Another busy weekend here in our house", but then it hit me all my weekends are busy and I'm sure my readers are tired of me saying that.. So I'll just start in on my weekend.

Friday was the 1st day of Feb 2008. Woke up in the morning to see that the kids were on a 2
hour delay due to all the ice we had, so I went back to bed, when I woke up an hour later I saw that there 2 hour delay had been changed to then having no school.. normally I live for snow days(or in this case ice day) I enjoy the time spent with the kids and getting to lay around in our PJ's as long as we want to.. ONLY I had so many plans for this day that I didn't know what I was going to do.. Then it got better because DH called and said he was working overtime.. So I had to make some phone calls and change some of my plans.. One of the things I had to cancel was Coffee with Krista (which is coffee with one of our MOPS mentors which my name was picked for) Poor Krista has been trying so hard to get me some coffee and This has just been my crazy time of year(like it is ever not crazy LOL) but with all the doctors, dentist, birthday parties, weekend trips, and school activities and sports for kids, not only have I not had a free hour for coffee, I haven't even made a MOPS meeting.
Anyways I spent Friday trying so hard to clean the house for the big family birthday party and getting to the store for all the stuff I needed for the party for Friday Night.. Getting a house clean and keeping it that way is a little hard with all 4 kids home and DH being gone but most of it got done. Then There was baths for all kids and getting Little Man down for a nap(not a easy task when his older sibs are home playing) Then it was off to Sweet Pea's kids birthday party.
This party couldn't have gone better.. Everyone showed up and everyone had fun and Sweet Pea had a blast.
I left the house at 4pm and got back home around 7:30pm from this party. We had these 5 girls plus my other 3 kids at burger king and everyone enjoyed themselves. towards the end of the party DH took my older two with him to a high school basketball game and after the game Princess spent the night at my parents since she had a free Saturday(free meaning no basketball game). DH came home with pizza. After eating pizza I had to run to Wal-mart to get all those items I needed to get for Saturdays party which I didn't have time to get earlier in the day(oh the reason I didn't do it after the party was because Little Man was cranky and I didn't want to drag him to the store Plus Sweet Pea only wanted to play with her new toys she got at her party.) I got back from Wal-mart at 11:30pm

Saturday I got up and got food together and got everyone dressed and then it was time for Mr Man's basketball game.. He scored 2 points.. giving him 12 points for the season making him the highest scorer on the team.. I don't know who is 2nd but the team only scored 6 point other then what Mr man scored so they haven't been scoring very much.. They are now 2 and 2.
Got home one hour before the party.. I still had cleaning to do and it took 45 minutes to get it all done.. YICKES.. then I got the kids cleaned up some and we kissed Little Man's nap goodbye.. Then everyone started coming and we had a good time with family while celebrating the girls birthdays.
After the girls party, DH and the two older ones went to another high school basketball game I was planning on going with them but with Little Man not getting his nap and all I changed my mind. Also after the party Sweet Pea went with my parents to spend the night. So once we had the house to ourself.. Little Man and I took a shower and he pretty much had his eyes closed before I could get him PJ's on him so he was out for the night by 7:30pm I spent the rest of the night watching Lost. I had taped the 2 hours of it on Wed night and the 2 hours on Thursday and just never found the time to watch it.. It was fun sort of having the place to myself all cuddled up under my blanket laying on the couch watching tv.

Sunday woke up went to church Though my parents didn't get there with the kids for Sunday school(Sweet Pea and Mr Man ended up spending the night with them) After church my Grandparents took Mr Man, Sweet Pea and Little Man, While DH and I went with Princess to her basketball game.. it was there 1st away game of the season.. They played the best team in the league and didn't do to bad.. This was the team that beat the team that killed them last week so I thought it was going to UGLY.. but the girls played well. They lost but they weren't killed. Princess had 9 rebounds, 3 assist 2 fouls and 2 points and got to play pretty much the whole game. After the game we ate a late lunch and picked up Little Man from grandma's house brought him home and I laid down with him so he would take a nap This was at 3:30pm next thing you know I'm waking up and it is 5:30pm OOPES.... I didn't mean to fall asleep.
I hurried up and got things together and left the house at 6pm for the superbowl party over at my grandparents house. ONLY once there I saw I forgot the diaper bag.. I though I should be ok because Little Man has been using the potty with no accidents all week long. So we ate and watched the game.. with 1 minute and 30 seconds left in the 1st 1/2 Little Man pooped himself.. OH it was a mess and I didn't have a think with me to change him.. a wash cloth was good to clean him up.. but I had no undies or pull ups.. So I just put his pants on him.. he wasn't too happy that way so before the 1/2 time was over we packed it up and left.
Came home got the kids ready for bed, Read Sweet Pea a nice book my sister got her for her birthday and watched the rest of the game. Then got online to blog about my weekend ;P
I really wish I was in bed sleeping right now because I have to work in Sweet Pea's kindergarten class tomorrow morning.. ONLY Little Man is still awake.. guess sleeping till 5:30pm for a nap will do that. He is however now willing to stay in bed so it shouldn't be too much longer till I can go to bed myself.
good night all.


palmtreefanatic said...

oh my a nother wild and crazy weekend at your house! wow!
One thing you cannot say is your life is boring;)

I too was dissapointed of the delay and then I never found out about the cancelation last friday untill it was late! Crazy we rented movies, and I changed alot of plans too!

Today is yet another delay this is so crazy!

I like the photos, nice looking cakes and nice party! Hope your day goes well!

Kristi said...

Because of cancellations last week, and the broken hand incident, Noah had only had school once in the last 9 days.

Sorry about the poop mess. We are still dealing with that over here too.

livin' with me said...

Another busy weekend for sure!

Did you make two cakes for the parties? I noticed that Sweet Pea has the same cake in both of her pictures. So I wondered if you had to make 2 of them?

I'm glad she was still able to have her party with all of the ice.

Courtney said...

I absolutely love your kids' names!!!

I just read through all your posts I've missed, and you had a lot going on. The poop sounds horrible, congrats to sweet pea on the loss of a tooth, and now I am turning my pj's around tonight because I want a snow day from work!

Have a good week.

Courtney said...

Did I mention I tagged you?

Sniz said...

I love snow days! Sweet Pea is so beautiful!

MomOf3 said...

Happy birthday to your girls! You did have a big busy weekend! :)