Monday, February 11, 2008

Weekend Recap (Feb 8-10,08)

I'm sort of really bummed. You see I had a fun weekend and even remembered to take some pictures and a few video clips for every event we had going on. I thought it would brighten up my Weekend Recap post and be fun to see while you read. BUT!!!!!!! sadly I can't fine my wire for my camera and here I sit with no way of moving these fun pictures from my camera over to my blog. I have been looking for the wire for over 24 hours and I think I might have lost it last weekend at Princess's basket ball game. I dropped my purse under the bleachers and the camera and wire was in it at the time. I thought I had everything though when I crawled under to get my purse.. In any case here is my weekend recap without pictures.
Friday morning I did laundry, picked up the house, ran the sweeper in all rooms and mopped the floors. Then my mom came over and I fixed lunch and fed my two younger lids(Sweet Pea was home from school again because she was running a fever not sure if that was part of the ear infection that kept her home on tuesday and Wednesday or if she picked up some virus while at the doctors Tuesday)
After lunch my mom stayed with the kids while I went to my dentist appointment.. where after 6 or 7 shots to numb me(OUCH) I had 3 teeth filled.. Have I ever mentioned just how much I do not like going to the dentist?????? I got home right before school left out for the day and though my teeth didn't hurt my whole left side of my face top and bottom was numbed and had no feeling and I could hardly talk, it was so funny.
After school Mr. Man showered up he had a fun night planned. and Princess went to her normal hang out and then to her friend KR house. Next it was time for dinner so I made dinner and got everyone feed. Then Princess called wanting to know if I could take her and her friend TH to the basketball game(since I was going anyways) and then afterwards if she could spend the night with TH. sure dear no problem.
Mr. Man's big plans for the night was to go with his teachers and the kids in his class who earned this trip to the High School Basketball game by being good and not getting any warnings or anything at all at school for like a month or two.. I don't remember what it was.. but Mr. Man hasn't got a warning since the 1st week of Kindergarten and he is a 2nd grader now so we knew he would earn this trip LOL.
So off to the game we went. Dropped Mr Man off with his teacher and his class then I went and found my grandma and Uncle and sat with them.. I knew princess would be running off with all her friends so I was glad Grandma went to the game this week or I would have been sitting alone seeing as DH was at home with Little Man and our sick little girl.
It was a good game our team killed there team.
After the game I dropped Princess and her friend off at the friends house and came home to get DH off to work(he had to work Friday night because they took last sunday night off for the super bowl) and beside putting kids to bed and relaxing the rest of the night that was my friday.
Saturday morning just relaxed around the house.. DH came home from work made us breakfast and then took a two hour nap. by noon we were on the run.
Mr Man had his last basketball game of the season at 12:30pm his team won 6 to 4 and Mr Man had 4 points.. he ended the season as high scorer for his team They ended there season 4 and 2
Right after Mr Man's game I came home grabbed a few more toys and snacks and it was off to Princess's game. Her game started at 2pm when I got there I found out that the school they were playing had two teams so our girls were going to play both teams as a double header.. (our school only has one girls 6 grade team and you had to try out for it)
Princess I wasn't sure how well she was going to do. seeing how she left the house for school on friday morning and here it was 2pm on saturday and she hadn't been home once for any sort of rest. Her and her friend TH stayed up way past midnight and then silly girls woke up at 7am.... don't ask me why.. then they hung out together till my grandma(who offered to get princess so she could stay at her friends longer with out having to go to her brothers game) picked princess up feed her lunch and got her to the school for her basketball game
BUT I guess this lack of sleep and running around works well for my Princess because she had her best games of the season.. 2 game they won them both and in those 2 games Princess scored 12 points. Even got her starting spot back(which she had lost after the 1st 2 games when she wasn't scoring) She played pretty much the whole games of both games.. with very little bench times.. when she did get to sit she was happy and ready to sit to rest a bit and get a drink... best two games of the year for her so far.

We got home from her basketball at 4:30pm and by4:45pm she and DH was on the road to get her to her fastpitch traveling tournament team coaches house for sliding practices(on the hardwood floors LOL) and a white board practices and pizza party.(which Princess was late for since it started at 5pm and went till 7pm)
While they were gone.. my parents came over. My Dad had bought my mom a lap top for Valentines day so he was giving us the computer that was in there bedroom. IT is a MUCH better computer then we had.. It is pretty much brand new he has only owned it for a month maybe two now. Got to love hand me downs like that. He also gave us the desk that they bought when the got the computer.. So I put that desk and our old computer in our family/dinning room area and got the new one set up in the normal spot.. we were working on getting the wireless network set up for the two.. ONLY I'm missing the operating system disk for the old computer so we are at a stand still until I find it.. or something.. but hopefully it will be up and running soon then I won't have to give up the computer to share with the kids LOL.

When DH and Princess came home last night about 8pm my parents were still here so we ordered some pizza and all enjoyed that. Then Mr. Man and Sweet Pea packed up there church cloths and went to spend the night with my parents. This was about 10pm and at that time it had just started to snow and get cold. After they left I was up till after midnight with Little Man, due to Princess's basketball games Mr Man missed his nap. At 5pm he passed out on the floor while he was playing. I was hoping to keep him awake until 7pm and then put him down for the night but it didn't work that way.. He slept from 5pm to 8pm and then woke up and stayed awake until about 12:40am I was so sleepy..

So Sunday when I got the phone call that due to weather we weren't having church.. part of me was very glad about that and I climbed back into bed and slept another hour. IT was freezing her today.. windchill in the -20 very bitter cold. But this afternoon we did head out to get groceries in a neighboring town.. Since we were heading that way.. Princess wanted to stop at the indoor softball building there and work on pitching the ball for a bit. So we left her about noon and when we got there Little Man had fallen asleep.. So he and I napped in the van for 30 minutes while DH and Princesses went in. When they were done we took a drive to the lake to see just what it looked like all frozen and with white out conditions due to the very strong wind we were having. It looked really pretty.. but boy was it cold. Then we got some lunch and picked up our groceries for the week.. Got home about 4:30pm and said.. it was too cold to go back outside by this time our true temp was 1 degree and I don't even know what the windchill temp was reading.

Meanwhile my parents who had took my middle children to spend the night, had planned on bring them to church so I could bring them home.. but there was no church so.. they still had my kids.. at 1st dad had planned to bring them over and work on getting our network set up.. but since we are missing the disk(which he thinks he has in a ton of boxes he has filled with disk but he hasn't came upon it yet) he thought he would take Mr Man and Sweet Pea out to the dollar theater to see the new Veggie tails movie.. On there way home from the movie.. they called me and told me they had forgot Sweet pea's medicine for her ear infection so they were going to there house to get it.(out of there way) Then once they got there they called to ask me what I thought the chances were of the kids having school tomorrow.. which I told them I was pretty sure it will be called off if nothing more then for the bitter cold temps and the kids that have to walk to school.. So they said they were just going to keep Mr Man and Sweet Pea another night so they didn't have to head back outside.
NOW(sunday night at 11pm) I sit here hoping they do call off school or I have to get up really early drive 30 minutes to my parents to pick the kids up and then 30 minutes back for them to go to school. Well even a 2 hour delay will be nice. I see alot of schools have already called it off they are running across the TV screen.. but our school always waits till the last minute.
So there you have it.. My Recap for the weekend of Feb.,9 & 10, 2008


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annie said...

I hate the dds too! I am supposed to go tomorrow but plan to call today to move it to next week :O
It is cold there, yikes!
I love when my parents a.)hand down cool stuff to us and b.)spend time at our house!
Have a great Monday!

MomOf3 said...

It sounds like you had a good, busy weekend!