Friday, February 01, 2008

Last Day Of January 2008 & Sweet Pea's 6 year check up.

No No I didn't lose my mind, Yes I do know today is the 1st day of Feb 2008 and that tomorrow is Ground Hog Day.. BUT!!!!!!!!
So much stuff went on yesterday that I wanted to post about and never found the time..

The day started off some what early.. LIKE 6AM!!!!!
for those of you who don't know me well, that is still like the middle of the night for me. I normally don't go to bed till 1am or 2am. But I woke up to what I thought was my alarm clock I heard a beeb beeb beeb.. I opened up my eyes saw the clock and thought there is no way I set that thing to go off this early.. I went to turn it off but it wasn't my clock.. after the beebing stopped and I closed my eye I heard a thunk thunk thunk and I knew that the city workers working on this road project was getting an early start.. Yes I understand that they lost a days work on Wednesday when we had the bitter cold weather.. but they were tearing up the road by my bedroom window at 6 in the morning... I mean WHO DOES THAT!!!! This pic was taken later in the day out the dinning room window, Little Man still find this all entertaining even though they have been at it for 2 weeks.. I'm sure he will get tired of it before there done seeing how they don't plan to be done until Aug 2008, and Yes all this stuff is in my front yard. .. Not really sure where to put my garbage out this week or if the garbage will even be picked up. Besides looking out the window and yelling "mommy mommy Bob Builder" most of the day Little Man also had speech yesterday.. He seems to be moving right along with it. He enjoys it now also and looks forward to go with her teacher. She comes to the waiting room and he jumps out of my lap grabs her hand turns around and says "bye mom" as he waves and walks out the door.. Then I get to watch him on the computer monitor and He has come along way in his talking since he has started.. I had my camera with me yesterday so I snapped this pic of him from off the monitor.

Back to starting the day early.. even if the nose wouldn't have kept me up Princess wanted up at 6:30am so she could get all dolled up and have me curl her hair for school.. Thursday the 6th graders dressed up for school and then when school was over they had there very 1st school dance.. Princess had a blast. Right after that she had basketball and didn't get home till after 7pm. She was up till 10pm doing her homework.. Don't ask me what these teachers were thinking giving home work on the one day of the year that the school had a activity planned for all 6th graders... but they did.. Princess also talked Mr man and Sweet Pea into putting there PJ's on backwards before they went off to bed.. and she herself put hers on backwards (you know since it is said if you sleep in your PJ's backwards you will have a snow day) Well we didn't get the snow.. but got alot of ice, enough so that school was closed today.. That was 2 days off school this week due to weather.
In other news for this last day of January.. Sweet Pea had her 6 year check up. This is what I wrote last year talking about her 5 year check up "Wednesday Sweet Pea had her 5 year check up she is still a little pea. she is now 42 inches tall which is the 40% and 37 pounds which is about 33%."
Well This year my little Sweet Pea might not be as Little as she has been in the past.. she has moved up on the curve on the growth charts. Yesterday fulling dress and in sneakers(which is the way they always weigh them) She was 45 1/2 inches tall putting her in the 60% and 43 pounds which is the 40%
Sweet Pea had some other BIG NEWS that happened about 8pm last night..
Yeap.. My baby girl lost her 1st tooth.. Just two days after turning 6 years old.. She has been having an exciting birthday week, that is for sure.
Her party tonight(Friday) went really well and I'll post more about that when I have time.. Tomorrow both girls are having there combined family party.. so I should go to bed so I have some energy to get things ready for that tomorrow..
Night all.


Heather said...

It's a good thing you woke up at 6 AM with all that you had to do!! That is crazy that they started so early, I thought they weren't aloud to begin until 7 AM.? What an exciting day and Sweet pea losing the first tooth too. Great! Ethan just lost tooth #5 Thursday night. Always brings on lots of excitement. Hope you were able to get things ready for the party with having all the kids home. What a crazy day. We had fun having the two extra days at home this week. Have fun today!!

The Edwards said...

WOW thats pretty early to start work I didn't think they would start until 7am or so. I guess it was a good thing for you with a full day ahead. Tell Sweet pea We love her pic. SOOO excited for Sweet pea, that first tooth means so much!

Kristi said...

What an exiting birthday memory...losing her first tooth. Did she work it out herself or did anyone help her?

Have a great weekend of partying.

livin' with me said...

I would have been furious if workers had woke me up at 6am.

Congrats to Sweet Pea on her first lost tooth ;)

I have an award for you!