Sunday, February 17, 2008

Weekend Recap (Feb 15-17,08)

(took this picture April 2007) I'm a little sleepy, well maybe a bit more then a little. at 9:30pm I laid down with little man to help him fall asleep faster and about 2 minutes ago(10:28pm) I woke up. I fell asleep as I was putting him to bed. Guess that means I could use some sleep. Before I head off to bed I wanted to do a quick Weekend Recap. I'll make this quick since my weekend isn't over yet. Tomorrow the kids don't have school so our weekend continues.
I'll start off this week by sharing the photos that I didn't get to share from last weekend because I lost my camera wire to load them into the computer(still haven't found that) These Pictures are of Mr. Man and his friends at last weekends high school game which I told ya about. The last 2 pictures was taken after the game when all the varsity players and cheerleaders singed the kids shirts.

This Friday we had a much quite evening at home, well after DH had the oil changed in the van. We just ordered pizza and had cake and ice cream for his birthday. Before that though.. Little Man and Sweet Pea had there doctor appointments for the recheck on there ears.. Praise the Lord.... Little Man's ears are cleared up... He had the ear infection from Dec 31 and had 4 different prescriptions for it.. but the last one must have did the trick because his ears are fine now. Sweet Pea she wasn't so lucky.. her ear is not only still infected but it is also still hurting her. So she is on her 2nd round of antibiotics, this time they skipped all those ones they tried on Little Man and put her right on the strong stuff that cleared up Little Mans.. So hopefully when we go back to the doctors on the 26th it will be cleared up also..
Saturday this week we found ourselves in a spot we normally aren't in.. That spot being.. NO ONE had any sort of Sport games for us to go and watch.. LOL So we slept in and when everyone woke up(as in not having to set an alarm and not having to wake anyone up.. just letting EVERYONE sleep till there eyes opened on there own) we ate got dress and headed up to the town DH and I grew up in.. Princess 2 years ago played summer league softball there and wanted to again this year and they were having sign ups saturday.. So we got her all signed up and then went to my parents house, where Little Man and Sweet Pea wanted to stay while the rest of us went shopping. We were on a hunt for new shoes for Mr. Man and he has an extra wide foot and he is picky about his shoes.. not only the way they look and if they are the color he likes, but also extremely picky about the way they feel, any little thing that just doesn't feel right just drives him batty. So we ended up in our state capital to buy him shoes LOL.. We had already headed an hour south to hit a mall there and couldn't find him any.. So DH asked me where the nearest stride rite store was.. Well the one I normally go to is an hour east of us and since we were already an hour south we didn't want to go to that one.. the other one I knew of was in our state capital which was about another 45 to 50 minutes south of us.. Seeing as how we knew that stride rite carries Mr. Man size shoes in XW we made the trip.. Well after a long trip he has his new shoes, they fit him great and they are in some of his favorite color(TN orange, well trimmed in the orange and they have 13 super balls in each shoe) Click here if you want to see which ones he got. He loves them and that is all that matters..
While out shopping Princess bought herself a few more shirts from Hollister's.. She loves that store. Me personally think they have alot of cute tops.. but there jeans are over priced and there is no way in the world she will EVER be wearing the tiny cloth they are trying to pass off as shorts. They did have some really cut Bermuda shorts that she really loved.. but since she was using her own money this shopping trip she passed on them. Maybe before summer I might have to go back and pick her up some.. I can handle shorts that go to her knees :)
After shopping and a bit to eat for dinner we headed back to my parents where Sweet Pea and Mr. Man was going to spend the night.. Once there we found out Little Man while happy to see us wanted NO part of leaving grandmas house either.. he wanted to spend the night too.. So He did. and they went to church from there this morning
This(sunday) afternoon was Princess basketball game. Her team won 18-11. I got the video clips from last weekend game loaded if you haven't seen them yet(they are short) you can view them HERE.
After Princess's game today we went and got groceries, then ate a late lunch/early dinner however you want to look at it. Then my mom brought the boys home and I picked Sweet Pea up from my grandma's house(they didn't go to princess's game or groceries shopping with us). When I got home I had 30 minutes to wash there faces comb there hair and make sure they didn't have dirt all over there cloths LOL.. Then it was off to PM Church/ Awana's
After church my parents stop back bye to see if anyone wanted to spend the night with grandma again since they don't have school tomorrow.. While Princess wanted too she has basketball practices in the morning so she couldn't, so they took Mr. Man and Sweet Pea home with them again.. leaving me with Little Man and my oldest baby. They both are in bed sleeping and I think that is where I'm heading off to now also.
If the weather is nice tomorrow after basketball I'll be heading over to my moms with Little Man and Princess and Princess's friend T and then going back to the town I was at Saturday(not the state capital but the one an hour south) to take the kids to chuck e cheese for the afternoon since they don't have school... So I'll see ya all in the world of blog a little later on.. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend..

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Good grief woman! Btw, I like his shoes! They are very colorful and nice.