Monday, February 18, 2008

Taking time to be a kid.

What a day.. We all had so much fun. First thing this morning Princess had basketball, she had to be at the school at 9am and while she was there I got Little Man ready and packed the diaper bag and at 10:30am we were out of here. We picked up Princess from basketball and then picked up her friend T and off we headed to my mom's house.. Started off going one way out of town and there was a semi truck turned over(it was really windy and I guess the wind blew him over or so I was told) We got stuck there for a bit but thankfully I was able to turn around and take the other way out of town and got to my moms only about a half hour later then I had planned. Then we headed off to Chuck E Cheese... The kids all had a blast.. Here is 6 short video clips and a slide show of pictures I took today while there.

We got to CEC at 12:30pm and stayed till 3:30pm after about two hours of playing Princess and her friend wanted to hit Hollister's(which is in the same Mall as CEC) So my mom stayed with the younger ones while I took the girls shopping.. After T bought 2 new tops we went back and they played more
After leaving we had some time before the movie started so we hit target, so my mom could get herself a TV tray sort of thing for her laptop. Then we were off to the dollar theater, where we watched Enchanted(not a one of the 7 of us had seen it yet)
That ended and we headed home, Dropped off my mom, dropped off Princess friend T and then made it home about 7:45pm

I cooked dinner SNORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok well I threw chicken patties into the oven and heated them LOL We all ate dinner tonight while watching the new fairy odd parents movie.. Then it was time for bed and for DH to go to work..

I had read yesterday over at Fantastagirl's blog a post called Through the eyes of a child in it she wrote this line "To take the time and be a kid with them" That is just what I did today.. spent the whole day being a kid with my kids and we had a blast. Love days like today.. ONLY now I feel like I'm going to pass out.. Think I'll go do that now.. Good night


Kristi said...

We went to CEC's this weekend too. I always laugh because my mom had me convinced when I was growing up that the place (then Showbiz Pizza) was the root of all evil, but I agree that we always have a fun time together when we go. Noah loves to ride the motion coasters with me and always wants me to go to the games WITH him. I think we're on borrowed time for how long he lets me stay with him.

forgetfulone said...

Sounds like a busy and wonderful day!

Courtney said...

Sounds like fun. I just took Taylor to the dollar movie a couple weeks ago to see that. I liked it.

Sniz said...

What a fun, exciting day! These pictures were great!

Anonymous said...

What a fun day! CEC is my son's favorite place (other than Disney World). Three hours there would be heaven to him!

Fantastagirl said...

Three hours at CEC's you are a saint! My kids love that place, and we very rarely go (one it's miles away, and it's a little spendy - Mr. Incredible is too competitive about the ski-ball thing)

I'm so glad you and the kids had great day - it will be something they remember as adults, that you chose to spend time with them... so awesome!