Monday, February 25, 2008

Weekend Recap(Feb 22-24)

This picture was taken in April 2007 from our 2nd hotel window while on our spring vacation.

Here we are another Monday.. Is it me or do you all find as you get older the weeks seem to go faster?? I tell ya it's like I close my eyes and when I open them it's already the start of another week.

Highlights from the week.. Monday 2/18/08 kids didn't have school I blogged about our day HERE. Tuesday 2/19/08 Princess spent the night with my grandparents and DH took Mr Man and Sweet Pea to his nephew Cousin D's high school basketball tournament game(which Cousin D's team won) then he dropped Mr Man and Sweet Pea off at my parents to spend the night since it was closer for him to do that and then head right off to work, So Little Man and I had the night to ourselves. Wednesday 2/20/08 I had to take Sweet Pea to the dentist Thursday 2/21/08 Was Princess's academic challenge match I showed pictures from that HERE.

That bring us up to Friday 2/21/08 the start of this weekend Recap
The day started off bright and early with a phone call at 6am.. It was DH letting me know I could sleep in two hours longer and I didn't have to wake up(mind you I normally don't wake up till 7:30am anyways) because the kids school was on a 2 hour delay due to the snow we got overnight. Thanks Honey for waking me up at 6am to let me know I could sleep till 9:30am if I wanted too ;) Sleeping in sounded good, ONLY problem was that when the phone rang at 6am it woke up Little Man so I couldn't go back to bed even if I wanted too.
Since we had the two hour delay the kids were up and home and playing and messing up the house, sadly to say I still haven't had a chance to pick up the mess yet. But I also got to curl Sweet Pea's hair for school and she picked out a skirt and top to wear to school. She normally won't wear her dresses or skirts because she doesn't like playing on the playground in them or running around in her dress shoes.. so it is normally jeans and tennies for her.. But since she was sure there wasn't going to be outdoor recess she was thrilled to get to wear one of the new outfits she got for her birthday a few weeks ago. Here are a few pictures I took of her before she headed off to school. She is so into fashion sort of like my friend DCRMOM over at Musings of a Housewife :P
She wanted to pack her lunch that day but even with the 2 hour delay I was running behind so at lunch time I went and took her lunch to her at school. There class was just visiting the restrooms to wash there hands before lunch. Sweet pea was done and standing in line, her teacher told me I could take her into the lunchroom.. so we walked down there together and she and I were the only two in there.. She sat down and I was setting her a napkin down on the table to spread her food out on when I heard her say in her sweet little Deva 6 year old voice "OH MY GOODNESS" I said "what" she said "I would SO wear a white shirt with that jacket" I look up to see another one of the kindergarten classes entering the lunch room and Sweet Pea looking at her friend K(they have been friends for the last 4 years) K was wearing a leopard print hoodie(the jacket sweet pea was talking about) and a pink t-shirt under it.. you know the normal wear for a kindergarten.. Sometimes I think Sweet Pea is worse then her older sister about fashion LOL.
Friday after Princess got home from her weekly after school hangout.. we all loaded up the van and headed over to my grandparents house.. where Mr Man and Sweet Pea jumped out and Grandma Jumped in.. Grandpa watched those two, while Grandma, DH, Princess, Little Man and I went just over an hour away to watch the basketball game for Cousin D. It was interesting trying to keep Little Man entertained though the game, but I knew I was going to be leaving him Saturday night and I didn't want to leave him with someone babysitting him two night back to back like that. He did better then I thought he would. The game was good, sadly Cousin D's team lost so they are done for the year, well I guess since Cousin D is a senior this year he is done forever. Don't know what my IL's will do with themselves now, seeing how they won't have any high school sport to watch the grandkids play until Princess is in high school.
Saturday 2/23/08 was a fun day Princess had her last basketball game of the season(next weekend starts there tournaments) Princess got to start again and played most of the game and they WON!!!
The last quarter we were so far ahead they pulled all the starters and let the bench see some playing time. here are a few short clips from the game

After the basketball game I had some running to do, 1st stop walmart I was down to two pullups and the Little Man needed more then two. The 2nd stop I wasn't planning but I needed a video tape to tape Princess's softball game and walmart no longer carried them so it was off to Radioshack. Got that and then feed everyone lunch and packed up cloths for Mr Man, Sweet Pea, and Little Man they were spending the night at my parents that night and my mom and dad was on there way to pick them up. Next it was time to get Princess and pick up Princess's friend SF aka shorty. Princess was spending Saturday night over at Shorty's house but 1st she was going with us to Princess's 1st winter league softball game. It wasn't a pretty game.. It was the first time this team has played as a team.. They have been practicing once or twice a month since September but this was the 1st time to put it into action.. They are a 12 year old team and this winter league is a Jr High league for 6th, 7th and 8th graders.. The game Saturday was against a 14U team who has been playing together for the last 2 years.. It wasn't really bad but we lost 8 to 1.

Even though they lost Princess had a good game. She was only one of two girls on the team who could hit this picture(the girl was good and super fast she is an 8th grader) Princess didn't get to pitch in the game because we ran out of time. The indoor leagues you only play an hour and when your time is up your time is up and the coach started her daughter as picture.. I think Princess will get to pitch in the next game.

Sunday 2/24/08 we pickedPrincess up from Shorty's house on our way to church.. After church DH and Princess had to go for uniform fittings(for softball) and then they did the grocery shopping.. I took Mr Man, Sweet Pea and Little Man to my parents, we ate lunch and then I took them sled riding. There is a super big hill for that in my parents town.. but it was warm today and all the snow had melted off of it.. but some of the litter(but still big) hills still had plenty of snow on them.. so the kids had a blast, even Little Man was doing down the hill by himself and LOL the whole way.. he needed a bit of help getting back up the hill but he had a ball. Only Little Man didn't get his nap, so while I was on my way home to get to Awana's He fell asleep.. so I dropped him off at home and took the kids to church.. (um guess I should add here that DH was home sleeping with Little Man he wasn't alone LOL) Little Man didn't end up waking up till 7:30pm after everyone was back from awana's. So we feed him some super and got everyone ready for bed. Got DH off to work and the middle two kids and I started reading a new book, got about 4 chapters into it and sent them to bed. Little Man was up well past midnight. ~sigh~

So there you have it the end of yet another weekend recap

How was your weekend??


Heather said...

Wow what a week you had:) I am cracking up about sweet pea's fashion sense. Miss Elena is like that as well. When I was 5/6 yrs old I know fashion was the furthest thing in my mind. I think it still is. hee, hee. I was hoping to get our kids out sledding this winter and so far we haven't. Hope we will get a chance before spring arrives (which I hope is soon!)

Heather said...
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Courtney said...

Your weekend recaps make my head spin!

Midlife Mom said...

WOW what a busy week you all had!! I had to take a nap before I could comment! lol! These are busy but fun years and they pass all too quickly. Like you said time just seems to go by in a flash.
Your welcome for the awards!!!! You deserve them all, you have a wonderfully sweet blog and I always enjoy it! xoxo

annie said...

I agree, the weeks just keep coming... faster and faster! Great pics and yay for the game win and playtime!