Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Time Travel Tuesday Favorite childhood pet.

WOW it has been awhile since I did a Time Travel Tuesday, but I have a few seconds today so I thought I would play along.
Growing up I had alot of different pets at different times. I loved each of them for different reasons and I can't say one was my favorite over the other.. I just loved them all.
When I was little I must have had a thing for Snow White, because Not only did I name my dog Happy, I also had a fish named Happy. Can't say I remember the fish all that well.. But I think I was 4 years old when we got Happy the Dog, he was a black mutt I guess.. Had him till I was in 1st grade I think.. I was told he ran away.. found out as an adult that they got ride of him because he kept biting the neighbor girl(though I remember the neighbor girl and she was mean and the dog had every right to bit her)
a few years later we got a beagle named Ginger, and then when Ginger was gone had another dog, don't know what it was but it was black and white and her name was Muffin, and then when I was in Jr High we got another dog because I begged and begged for it it was a mutt also and I named it Snickers.. had that dog up until I got married and a month after getting married Snickers died.
Then I had a few cats.. never more then one at a time..
but I had a black and white kitten named sox, he didn't last too long after running out in the middle of the road in front of a car. I also had a yellow cat named Popcorn.. who my parent had enough of and found it a good home or so they thought.. the people knew it had always been an indoor cat and they left it out all winter and it froze to death. Then I had a white cat while in high school who I named Kokomo. That cat loved me. Every day when I got home from school it would meet me at the door, it was an indoor and outdoor cat.. and when it was warm out and I was on a date as soon as we pulled in the drive way after the date, the cat would come and stand next to my side of the car and just stand there until I got out.. when I got out it followed me everywhere I went if I walked out front, it walked out front, if I went to the back door, it went to the back door.. and even when I got in the house.. if I went to my room it went to my room, if I headed to the living room it followed me there.. for about an hour every time I got home. I was crushed when that cat died.. He died when I was 18 years old, he passed on for being not so bright. it was cold very cold winter time and we were having some weather like we just had with all sorts of flooding.. the cat got outside and got scared to see all the water and ran under a crawl space of the house.. we called it and called it and try to go under as far as we could with as cold and wet as it was.. So we left it figured it would come out when it got cold enough and wanted in the house.. but it never came out.. the next day my dad crawled under that part of the house and found him dead.
So those are the pets I had growing up.. Since getting married we have only had cats. I'm not ready to deal with a dog at this point in time.

OH.. wait I almost for got to mention my turtle named Speedy and our rabbits.
I had a long haired fluffy rabit which I'm drawling a blank on it's name.. but once we got a new home for that one we got a little rabbit we named Misty and she had 4 babies which I named, salt, pepper, suger and coco
Hummmm wonder if I'm forgetting any other pets.. I think I'm done now. :)

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Jodi said...

You had a lot of pets! I have always wanted a rabbit! Have a great Tuesday!

Nancy Face said...

I love the name Happy! I think you had more pets than anyone I've ever heard of! ;)

annie said...

You have had a lot of pets!