Monday, December 31, 2007

Year -End Recap part 3(sept-Dec 2007)

September 2007 - And The Winner Is.
The First line was "On Monday I posted this post about how Princess was picking outfits for the 1st day of school.. I showed you all what one of her choices were and the lovely shoes she thought looked best with that outfit.."

Highlights: guy.. most of Sept was spent in hospital and doctors office and when it was all said and done he DH like I mentioned was sick and in September ended up in the hospital for a week, Then a week later was back in the hospital having gallbladder surgery He was really one sick missed 6 weeks of work from it. Mr Man continued to go fishing, Princess got into the who's who book for middle school age kids. Princess was also playing in her volleyball league and started conditioning for 6th grade girl basketball.

October 2007 - Toilet Papering Yes or No.

First Line "I was reading over at The Adventures of Fantastagirl This post.
In it she talks about how she can see both sides of her towns homecoming tradition of TP'ing."

Highlights: DH and I celebrated our 13 year wedding anniversary, DH was cleared by the doctors to go back to work, The kids had fun trick or treating and with all there Halloween parties. We took MR Man to Cedar Point as an early birthday gift.

November 2007 - Throwback Thursday #8

First Line "Today I'm throwing it back to July of 1997. Here is our family photo from back then.

Highlights: I turned 35 years old, Mr Man turned 8 years old. He had his kids party and the next day had his family party which my sister and her family from TX was at. We had a great Thanksgiving. Mr Man started his basketball and Princess started her indoor softball practices, Sweet Pea got her very 1st report card and Little Man started speech.

December 2007 - Christmas blogging fun #2
First line"For you the holidays are about emotional connection and bonds.

Highlights: December was a fun month. The kids and I did alot of fun activities to lead up to Christmas. Starting with the Christmas parade, seeing Santa, going up town to watch ELF, doing the lighting of the uptown lights, making pop up nativities, baking cookies and cookies and cookies. going to see Alvin & the chipmunks. The school Christmas programs and concerts, the church candle light service, Christmas eve, Christmas day and so much more.

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